LGBT Pride Month Profile – Steve Macfarlane

CA Technologies is celebrating LGBT Pride Month by championing a few of our amazing employees from the LGBT Community.

Meet Steve Macfarlane, Senior Director of Education & Services (EMEA), based in the UK. Steve regularly sings, performs and acts as an MC for events. Aside from that he serves as a trustee for Michael Causer Foundation (a local charity that provides advice and support for young people 16-25 who may have challenges in family or environment due to their sexuality – it was set up in the name of Michael who was killed in 2008 just for being gay).

What is a Senior Director of Education & Services, you may ask?

To describe Steve’s role in simple terms, he makes sure the business is providing a positive customer experience ensuring customers are enabled on CA products.

Steve as consort to the Lord Mayor Of Liverpool at the Liverpool Town Hall

I support my team in driving value with sales teams and customers. We’re continually seeking new business and driving new initiatives.

Steve joined CA Technologies some 12 years ago. He currently has a home office, and spends a lot of time travelling around Europe particularly to Prague and more often to our UK offices at Ditton Park.

I’m in Education to assess what our future business will look like. It is a highly volatile market with massively changing client needs. I’ve also played my part in other parts of the business supporting developing markets (particularly MENA, South Africa) & major projects in Northern Europe.

CA offers a wide range of rewards and benefits that appeal to different employees. When it comes to what Steve has taken advantage of as a member of the LGBT community, CA’s internal diversity network ‘THRIVE’ has been a standout for him. He has nothing but huge praise for the allies who play a key part in the LGBTA THRIVE group.

CA definitely benefits from having diversity in our workforce – evidence shows that this improves creativity and productivity with the company. Providing a supportive environment where everyone can be themselves and are accepted is a big deal within global companies.

I experienced discrimination a few times early on in my career and would not wish that sort of thing to happen to others – pleased to say this never happened in CA or previous company I worked for. However, discrimination still exists and we have an important role to play inside and outside of CA.

Showing we have a thriving LGBT group may help others in the company be more comfortable about themselves and they may also want to join the group.

Bring What You Bring

With CA’s “Bring What You Bring” employer brand, we asked Steve what he brings to CA Technologies.

Innovation is a constant. I sing, perform regularly and occasionally write songs – which I think helps with work innovation and creativity. I am also customer centric with an emphasis on customer empathy.

Steve’s day typically starts with a number of forecast and business reviews. He’ll then typically work on client proposals as well as develop new business opportunities.

I’ll try to do a gym visit if I’m in my home office. Afternoon and some evenings will normally involve calls with my colleagues in the US, particularly on new offerings and initiatives.

When it comes to the favourite part of his job, Steve loves being surrounded by his great team, as well as the variety, change and challenge his role offers him personally.

I love being part of the team work at CA. We have a good team in Education and I’m very pleased to work alongside them in Europe and globally.

Steve meeting one of his idols, Neil Sedaka

Steve has been actively involved in CA’s THRIVE LGBT work stream over the past couple of years. He’s part of the group that help educate those around him, both inside and outside the company to be accepting of others.

Having a THRIVE group for LGBTA (A=Allies not apathy) is very important to me as both a gay person AND as someone who sees equality and diversity as important – both inside and outside of the workplace.

When one or two states in the US were introducing discriminatory bills/laws, it was a massive thing to see our CEO, Mike Gregoire be one of the signatories to a letter to North Carolina legislators – it proves we are serious about our messaging.

Steve would most definitely recommend CA Technologies as an employer of choice.

We are a very open company that actively encourages diversity and a big supporter of equality – come join us!

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