Women In Leadership at CA Technologies | Kelly Long

As part of our “Bring What You Bring – Women in Leadership” blog series, we’re celebrating several of our women in leadership to find out what they bring to the organization.

Meet Kelly Long. She’s the Vice President for Communications, Asia, Pacific & Japan.

What does a Vice President for Communications, APJ do?

Kelly takes a leading role in managing the APJ Communications team and helps promote CA’s brand.

“When you see an article about CA in a business or tech publication (in print or online), or read about a CA solution on a blog by an influencer, or watch a CA spokesperson being interviewed on a news channel or a social platform, or read an analyst’s report that features CA, or attend a town hall, or participate in a CSR program that helps promote STEM or assists young people in underserved communities. That’s all part of what the Communications team does to help build, promote and raise the trust, corporate reputation and awareness of CA.”

Bring What You Bring

At CA, employees are encouraged to work with one another and build on each other’s strengths to create richer results. This ‘Bring What You Bring’ ethos is spread right across the organization and when speaking to Kelly about what she brings to CA, she told us that her main asset is her passion, experience and social awareness as she believes in delivering value to employees and making a positive impact on the business.

“I love what I do. And, I’ve been doing this for a while. I’ve been fortunate to have worked in different industries, across the region, with colleagues and bosses from around the world. The passion, experience and social awareness would be part of I bring.”

CA APJ Media & Analyst Chinese New Year event

One piece of advice for current or future Women Leaders

Kelly believes that in order to lead to the best of our abilities we must be able to see things from both sides of the table; the leader and the follower.

“Lead how you would want to be led.”

My female inspiration

Kelly has many female role models, of which are amongst her family members.

“I can’t name just one. I grew up in a family of strong women. My grandmother ran away from home to further her studies at a time when mainly boys progressed beyond high school. My aunt had her own advertising agency and was a creative director of a few global agencies. My other aunt was a top sales person. My mother is working into her 70s (part-time because she enjoys it and when she’s not at work, she’s holidaying with her girlfriends). I grew up knowing that with hard work and determination, you can achieve your goals in life.”

Women in Leadership qualities

CA Technologies has a core of DNA that align with the company’s mission, to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes. Kelly has selected the most important DNA trait that she feels will make her a successful woman in leadership at CA Technologies.

“Resilient” – Stay the course – embrace challenges, learn and be better.

“Agile” – This is an ever-changing world – be adaptive and be ahead of the change.

“Collaborative” – Success is a team sport – working together and winning together.

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Kelly Long – Vice President, Communications, APJ. Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn here

Why do I love to continuously learn about the Mainframe?

We caught up with Ondrej Tulach who is based at our Prague Technology Center. He joined CA back in July 2011 as a tester to work on security and then was promoted twice. Now he works as a Software Engineer for Mainframe.

The favorite part of Ondrej’s job is to create a well-established test that developers call the “Ondrej’s insane test”. It helps to figure out the problem early in the development cycle and ensures that it gets fixed before delivering it to the customers. In software engineering terms, he loves to see an RC=0 in his TC JCLs.

CA Technologies recently took part a university careers fair and Ondrej was one of the demo presenters. We asked Ondrej how the event went?

“We did a demo for SYSVIEW and ISPFDIT. Sysview has been one of CA’s best products ever, a much more powerful alternative to IBM’s native SDSF. In Windows terms: Sysview is like if you took the Windows Task Manager combined with the Disk Management console, event viewer, performance monitor – and control panel of all your database machines.”

Ondrej loves to work on ACF2, a security product on CA’s mainframe.

”ACF2 is one of just three security/access control software on the Mainframe, the other two being IBM RACF and CA Top Secret. On Mainframe, there is an opposite philosophy than on other systems: if you haven’t explicitly granted privileges, you cannot do anything. This is called ‘No rule, No access’.

There are many inevitable results of the security. For one, it means much higher bar for both design and testing. If failure of your product means collapses of a whole company or government institution, the only acceptable design philosophy is ‘fail-safe’, delivering a robust product as humanely as possible. That is the pinnacle of software testing, and the direct opposite of the ‘safe-fail’ philosophy of reckless improvisation and non-robust design promoted by the whole ‘Agile’ movement. Security is also inherently interesting and a captivating subject, making you work hard to deliver because you know how much is at stake.”

What other products have you enjoyed working on recently at CA?

“I am currently working on Log Analyzer. Log Analyzer is a product for Database Administrators working on the IBM DB2 relational database. It allows auditing, database activity replication to data warehouses, recovery of accidentally dropped database objects and analysis of database activity.”

Ondrej suggests a career in Mainframe for those who are looking for something special or if you’re considering not following the crowd when it comes to a career in tech.

“Mainframe has immense hardware capabilities, far beyond what the x86, x64 or ARM architectures have to offer. One z14 box offers the same HW performance as a whole farm of traditional servers. And finally, there is a constant lack of expertise on Mainframe, so if you join now, you have a competitive edge for your career.”

We asked Ondrej why should someone consider CA Technologies if you’re a software engineer looking to work with Mainframe Technologies.

“I enjoy the work-life balance – you’re not required to do overtimes (even though many people do them voluntarily, wanting to finish the WIP they have opened before they go home) unless you’re having a support service for high-priority customer issues. Also, the flexible working hours are great advantage. Plus, work from home and sick days are available.”

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Ondrej Tulach – Software Engineer, Prague
Connect with Ondrej on LinkedIn 

A Day in the Life at CA: Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales Partner Account Manager

Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales, Partner Account Manager

From sales to salsa, learn how Pedro is breaking barriers every day

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond and give you insight from a real CA employee. This profile of Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales Partner Account Manager, is part of our careers blog series “A Day in The Life At CA”.

Pedro came to CA 13 years ago with a sales background in the distribution industry, having worked with global firms such as Arrow Electronics and AT&T. He started working tele-leads at CA’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) in Tampa, FL, before moving to the Channel Sales team and Digital Sales Partner account management.

Recently, the Florida Department of State recognized Pedro with a Florida Heritage Award – presented annually to citizens who have made long-standing contributions to Florida’s cultural heritage, and honor the state’s most influential tradition bearers for excellence, significance and authenticity.

For more 20 years, Pedro has served as a bandleader and the driving force behind the Tampa Bay Area’s salsa scene, delivering original arrangements, fresh energy and the best of Latin music repertoire. He was born in Santiago de Cuba, but fled with his family in the freedom flights from Havana to Miami.

Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales, Partner Account Manager

After settling in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Pedro developed an interest in music and began playing trumpet. He came of age as salsa began to coalesce among Puerto Rican and Cuban musicians in New York. He shared the stage with Latin music giants like Eddie Palmieri, Roberto Torres, Jose Fajardo and began performing with the progressive group, Cuba Song, with Edwin Bonilla who is known for his decades-long run with Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine.

Pedro’s group, Orquesta INFINIDAD, has performed twice at the Super Bowl, as well as at the Clearwater Jazz Festival, House of Blues, in a Netflix film and in many local festivals.

We asked Pedro a few questions about his job at CA and his music. Here’s what he had to say.

1. How do you contribute to eliminating the barriers between ideas and outcomes for our customers?
I take the time to work with our Partners and internal teams to understand the different perspectives, possibilities and human factors that are specific to a challenge. Based on that, I translate a vision into an approach, and present it in a way that produces desired actions through individuals and groups.

2. Why is it important that we all “bring what we bring” to contribute different and unique perspectives?
This brings to mind the story of blind men describing different parts of the same elephant. Each based their response on the section that was immediate to them, and each was different. By bringing and discussing different perspectives, we can come to more fully understand the bigger picture and how to more effectively approach solutions.

3. Tell me a bit about how you’re bringing it outside of work with your recent 2018 Florida Folk Heritage award.
I bring a vision of the level of excellence that we are trying to achieve, and understand that it takes work. This, coupled with realistically addressing the details with sincere communication, has helped me to consistently produce harmonious outcomes!

4. How does music help inspire you to do great work at CA?  
It is very satisfying and makes me happy – which makes for more positive work all-around. It also teaches that consistency requires discipline for a smooth outcome. Through improvisation, it demonstrates that anyone can make stuff up… but to make it right, it takes work.

5. Why is it important to you that you’re making a difference – both at home and at work? How are the two related?
They are both in their own way “family” and I always look bring my best to both. When I do that every day – I feel alive, happy and ready to face any challenge that comes my way.

For more information on the Heritage Awards ceremony, click here. Watch Pedro’s interview with Lissette Campos on ABC News, here.

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Press for progress: creating a CA where everyone can thrive

Thrive at CA

Thrive week at CA celebrates a diverse and inclusive workplace

March is a special month for us at CA Technologies as our people will celebrate Thrive week, which coincides with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in the US. Thrive is our internal initiative focused on driving an inclusive work environment that enables diverse perspectives, experience and thought — all of the factors that are key to driving innovation and business results for CA, our customers and our shareholders.

This year, the theme of International Women’s day, #PressForProgress, encourages us to push even harder toward greater inclusion, diversity and parity. I could not agree more. We must all work together to ensure equality for all – not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it drives better business outcomes. When we harness the power of everyone, we are more innovative, productive, and create better solutions –  and that is simply, good business.

The innovative approach we take at CA embraces experimenting with different practices, failing fast and quickly learning from missteps to help move the needle. As I reflect upon all we have accomplished at CA, I am proud of the progress we have made thus far – but certainly won’t rest on our successes. I believe there is a strong need to press forward and continue the momentum as we focus on removing bias overall to create a more inclusive and diverse CA.

It is no secret that the Tech Industry – and all industries – are working hard toward a more representative workforce. Our goal at CA is to focus on inclusion first – we not only want to see a change in our representation, but also feel the change in our environment. Leveraging an inclusive mindset, we take a multifaceted approach to removing bias interpersonally and system-wide by evaluating our programs, processes and benefits to ultimately achieve a more diverse workforce and make progress holistically. We want to enable a truly inclusive environment so that we can realize the benefits of a diverse workforce and drive business value. We’ve made some big changes to our processes and policies to ensure we create an environment where equality and parity are foundational, bias is removed from our system, and our pipelines are fortified with diversity.

  • Pay Equity: Effective January 1, 2017 CA became the first company to no longer request current or historical compensation information from internal and external candidates during the interview and hiring process. Offering competitive compensation packages based on knowledge, skills and abilities helps eliminate any previous existing pay parity issues that may have been rooted in bias.
  • Diverse Candidate Slates: In an effort to build a pipeline of diverse candidates, we ensure we have a diverse slate of qualified candidates for our open positions. Since instituting the program five years ago, we have increased the diversity of our applicant pool by 25%.
  • Diverse Interview Panels: In order to embrace diverse perspectives during the interview process, we ensure we have a diverse panel of interviewers for our open positions.
  • Leave of Absence: Effective January 1, 2017, CA’s paid Family Medical Leave (FML) time off increased from 6 weeks to 12 weeks for leaves that are otherwise unpaid (i.e. maternity, paternity, adoption, care for ill family member, leave to care for self if approved for family medical leave but not approved for short term disability [STD]).
    • For maternity leaves, the 12 weeks begin after the conclusion of the any disability leave meaning a typical is fully paid for 18 weeks.
  • Leave of Absence Phase-Back Program: CA provides a generous, fully paid phase-back-to-work program for employees returning from leaves to care for family members automatically for two weeks to ease the transition back to work.

We further solidified our commitment to inclusion through our participation at the 2018 Makers Conference, where CA was one of 40 board members to raise their voices and announce a powerful initiative to advance women in the workplace. #Raiseyourvoice

“CA pledges to conduct a policy and process audit across the company to evaluate for possible areas of bias and implement solutions to remove bias where it exists.” ~ Lauren Flaherty, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President, CA Technologies

I look forward to pressing even harder for progress in 2018 and beyond. Check out #LifeAtCA and #BringWhatYouBring on social media to join us on the journey, and meet some of our great people first-hand and see what they bring to CA each day.

Beth Conway, SVP, People at CA Technologies
Connect with me on LinkedIn here
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Beth Conway, SVP, People

Sahar Kanani, Principal Agile Program Manager
Sahar Kanani, Principal Agile Program Manager
Abbas Tavawala, Principal Internal Auditor
Abbas Tavawala, Principal Internal Auditor
Débora Silva, Communications Analyst, Latin America
Débora Silva, Communications Analyst, Latin America
Maria Jackson, Director, Talent Development
Maria Jackson, Director, Talent Development
Fabio Mazetti, Sr. People Operations Analyst
Fabio Mazetti, Sr. People Operations Analyst
Meghan Stabler, Advisor, Business Unit Strategy
Meghan Stabler, Advisor, Business Unit Strategy
Catherine Migoya Schlie, Sr. Digital Sales Account Manager
Catherine Migoya Schlie, Sr. Digital Sales Account Manager
Jim Kokoszynski, VP, Software Engineering
Jim Kokoszynski, VP, Software Engineering
Maria Silva, Instructional Designer
Maria Silva, Instructional Designer
Martha Dewey, Services Client Manager, Mainframe Practice
Martha Dewey, Services Client Manager, Mainframe Practice
Lina Forrestal, Sr. Social Media Manager
Lina Forrestal, Sr. Social Media Manager
Michael Natoli, Sr. Advisor, Customer Success
Michael Natoli, Sr. Advisor, Customer Success
Laura Martinez, Principal Experience Designer, WhoZoo (A CA Accelerator)
Carolyn Rooney, Director, Talent Development
Carolyn Rooney, Director, Talent Development
Brad Smith, Program Manager
Brad Smith, Program Manager
Katherine Demacopoulos, VP, Corporate Marketing
Katherine Demacopoulos, VP, Corporate Marketing
Christie Morin, Program Director, Knowledge Services, Global Customer Success
Christie Morin, Program Director, Knowledge Services, Global Customer Success
Elizabeth Grayson, Administrative Coordinator
Elizabeth Grayson, Administrative Coordinator
Marie Purucker, Principal, Customer Experience Manager
Marie Purucker, Principal, Customer Experience Manager
Kellie Marshall, Sr. Operations Analyst
Kellie Marshall, Sr. Operations Analyst
Kate Guggenheim, Sr. Principal, Talent Development
Kate Guggenheim, Sr. Principal, Talent Development
Karen Longcoy, VP, Global Services Marketing
Karen Longcoy, VP, Global Services Marketing
Mary Lou Prevost, VP Regional Sales Public Sector
Mary Lou Prevost, VP Regional Sales Public Sector
Marie Daniels, Sr. Director, Global Customer Success
Marie Daniels, Sr. Director, Global Customer Success

A Day in the Life at CA: Menka Goyal, Sr Principal Software Engineer

CA Accelerator is the internal incubation program of CA Technologies. Part startup, part venture capital and part think tank, the Accelerator is one way CA Technologies is encouraging internal innovation and breaking barriers within our organization. The CA Accelerator is a unique opportunity to join a big company, but have the feel of working for a startup.

As part of our “Day in the Life” blog series, we’re checking in with some of the people who build and define our latest projects and asking them what it’s like to work on an Accelerator team.

Menka’s Journey to CA

Menka started her journey into the world of Technology at NIT University in India, where she completed a degree in Electronics and Communication. Since graduating from NIT, Menka has been working in technology for 21 years, six of which have been spent working for CA Technologies. Menka started at ITKO when it was still a small Service Virtualization company, and at the time CA acquired ITKO she was leading the Software Engineering team. Menka recently transitioned to the CA Accelerator project called KnowThings.io and works from the Plano, TX office a few times a week and the rest of her time remotely.

The Accelerator

The Accelerator gives team members exciting opportunities to influence the product they work on in all areas, and watch the project’s progression from the beginning, which is one of Menka’s favorite parts of the job.

“Although I am the architect and my role is technical, I see the other sides of the product and can influence how those things are done too. It’s a great pleasure to see the journey of your product going from infancy to a mature market leading solution.”

Life on an Accelerator project is fast paced; it’s all about reacting quickly and pivoting to meet customer needs and solve the problem at hand. But the teams also recognize that taking time off is important to recharge.

“The work life balance is great, you have the benefits of a big company with the energy and freedom of a startup. Having worked here, I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

A day with Menka

Menka has mastered the art of balancing life and work, and has an efficient system for staying on top of project goals.

“After dropping my kids off at school, I come in, check my emails and then have stand up. Then I work on whatever goal I set for myself the night before. Hopefully I finish my goal before I leave. I leave around 4:30 so that I can be home when my kids get home from school. I have dinner with my family, and a nightly cup of tea. If I accomplished my work goals, I read for personal development (trying to pick up a new language, building things, or public speaking). If I didn’t, I code or research and design until I’ve reached my goal for the day. Sometimes I go to bed early, sometimes I am up late trying to solve a big problem. I love it.”

Life at CA Benefits

One of the advantages of working for a startup within a large company like CA is that Accelerator team members get the same benefits offered to all CA employees. What would Menka say is the best CA benefit?

“The health benefits. My husband also works in tech, and most years CA’s benefits are better than his company’s. I have family members with health needs and we max out our deductible every year. Knowing that CA will cover the difference means that I can focus on my family and that is incredibly reassuring.”

CA believes that taking time away from work is a good way to promote your health, morale, and productivity, and therefore we have a flexible time off policy that encourages employees to take the time they need. CA can also help employees make the most of their time off, as Menka comments “one year, we booked a trip to Orlando and saved around $800 on our family vacation, by using CA’s travel benefits.”

In conclusion, Menka says that CA’s commitment to its workforce has been a huge boost in her career and enthusiasm, and if you’re considering a role with a CA Accelerator project you should take it!

Does a job on a CA Accelerator team sound intriguing to you? Take a look at our open jobs on Accelerator projects on this page.

If you want to learn more about how the Accelerator came to fruition at CA Technologies check out this article, featuring our CTO Otto Berkes.

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A Day in the Life at CA: Principal, Communications

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in Communications at CA Technologies?

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you insight on these key facts from the perspective of a real CA employee. This Principal Communications profile is part of our careers blog series “A Day In The Life At CA”.

Meet Archana

Archana, Principal, Communications, is very passionate about her work and is an avid writer.

Archana’s Career Story

This is Archana’s 3rd role at CA. Archana has made a real impact on the business at the India Technology Center.

“I had joined in the Solution Knowledge team for the ARCserve product team where I used to work on solution briefs, PPTs and help the SWAT team. When that team was dissolved, I joined the sales operations team where I used to help with Excel sheet for product SKUs. When I came to know that there was an opening in the Corporate Communications team, I applied as part of internal mobility and I have been with the Corporate Communications for 6.5 years.”

Interesting fact: This is Archana’s 2nd innings at CA Technologies. She had worked for 9 months earlier and quit and rejoined.

The Life of a Principal Communications

We asked Archana how she would describe her role as a Principal, Communications at CA and why she loves it.

“I take care of internal and external communications. Internal communication is for employees – taking care of internal branding, communicating the strategy to employees, organizing town halls, helping Executives with their presentations, helping out with site-wide event communication, writing articles for the intranet. As part of external communications, I liaise with the PR agency to arrange for media interactions for executives, write press releases, help with social media postings, write/edit articles, PPTs. I also help with CSR activities planning and CSR budgeting.”


A typical workday for Archana starts with replying to her e-mails and then organizing the top priority tasks for the day, before fetching the first mandatory cup of tea.

When we asked Archana about her favourite part of the job, she told us how she loves to interact with executives, some of whom put in their time and effort in guiding her and giving valuable tips and they feel happy when she succeeds.

“I also love researching, writing and editing articles. Sometimes juniors come to me to ask how to write an article or seek advice and I am always happy to guide them. One of the juniors came to me a few weeks ago to say that his mom asked him to say, “thank you” to me for something I helped him with. In my six years in this role, this was the biggest compliment I thought I got.”

Life At CA

Archana is certainly a fan of the office and the area of the business park. She likes the very neat individual working areas in the office and the clean and green campus.

“Best part of my workspace is the money plant (Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum) that I have on my desk. I feel happy to see the plant growing and when people come to my desk, they say wow such a big money plant, you must be rich :)”

Archana is extremely happy with the benefits that CA offers to its employees. In particular, she is a fan of the benefits that are offered to meet the work-life balance of the employees, which is one reason she loves her #LifeAtCA.

“Overall, I think CA offers great benefits, especially the comprehensive “Health and Wellness” program. One of the benefits that CA offers is the work from home option. Three years ago, when my dad passed away and my mother needed support, thanks to my Manager, I could get additional work from home option to help support my mother. I am truly grateful for this.”


Archana’s Career Advice

Archana would recommend a Principal, Communications position at CA Technologies to anyone who wants to be part of a large global software company with great career opportunities and company culture.

At CA, I have learnt a lot. Especially, in my current role, I can never complain of a dull moment. And there are multiple opportunities as part of internal mobility at CA, to shift and learn and network.”


We couldn’t have said it better. Thanks to Archana for sharing her Day in the #LifeAtCA of a Principal, Communications! You can follow her on LinkedIn here

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Richa Negi – Marketing Specialist
Talent Acquisition, India
Connect with Richa on LinkedIn here


A Day in the Life at CA: Ivan Satsiuk, Software Engineer

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Software Engineer at CA Technologies?

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you insight on these key facts from the perspective of a real CA employee. This Software Engineer profile is part of our careers blog series “A Day In The Life At CA”.

Meet Ivan

Ivan Satsiuk, Software Engineer, is a lover of cycling. Ivan cycles to work and back home most days.

Ivan’s Career Story

Ivan originally started working as an Associate Software Engineer back in May 2016 before getting promoted to Software Engineer in July 2017. He was working on CA Easytrieve and then moved to Blockchain technology.

“I started as an Associate SE, working on a product called CA Easytrieve. It is a great product with massive revenue, but I wanted to get more development experience rather than maintenance, and the business helped support my move to another team. At the same time, I had discovered a Blockchain technology and figured out that it has great potential in the world and for CA Technologies. Long story short, I’m currently a Software Engineer working as a part of a Blockchain team here in Prague.”

The Life of a Software Engineer

We asked Ivan how he would describe his role as a Software Engineer and why he loves it.

“I am a Programmer who’s working with Blockchain. I have also been part of the Itertest/Symdump team, and that was a great experience for me as well. With this team I’m currently part of, I have dived into Agile principles and witnessed them being applied. The best part of each team that I have been working with is the great level of professionalism of every engineer, manager, scrum-master I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

A typical workday for Ivan starts by checking his emails and setting up priority tasks for the day and set a plan rest of the week. Ivan is keen to keep up to date with technological trends and information.

“Since our team was born only a few months ago – we are quite busy. We constantly discuss the potential of Blockchain use-cases, searching for new ones, and talking to our customers. I also spend a lot of time wrapping my head around the tech behind Blockchain frameworks, which is relatively complex and is being improved every single day. We also plan educational sessions for our colleagues.”

When we asked Ivan what is the favorite part of his job, he told us how he loves programming and getting the results without any errors.

“Every programmer knows this feeling when you are discovering a new way for your program to perform exactly the way you have designed, while passing all the functionality tests. So, this is my favorite part.

Life At CA

Ivan is certainly a fan of the office and the area of the business park in Chodov. He loves the office location as it is close to the Metro station and shopping centre. One of his gym’s is located there, and he has everything he needs within a short distance of few hundred meters from work.

“A few months ago, we moved to a new building. It is hard to describe it in short, one just has to see it, it’s fantastic. One thing I can say – the office certainly has a personality. The location of the office is still the same, and we have access to all one could think of in a matter of minutes. Also, the shopping centre here in Chodov has finished its reconstruction and now has one of the best cinemas in the city just 5 minutes away from the office.”

As you can tell from Ivan’s introduction, he’s a lover of cycling. We’re extremely happy the benefits we offer to our Prague employees meet those sporty needs and it is a vital part of why Ivan loves his #LifeAtCA.

“I am using the Sport Card – a card that allows employees to visit one of the sport facilities of his/her choice. The best part about it is that card doesn’t just provide access to a few gyms in the city, it has a massive network of places around the country. It provides access to gyms, swimming pools to trampolines and even some marital art clubs.”

Ivan’s Career Advice

Ivan would recommend a Software Engineering position at CA Technologies to anyone who wants to be a part of great culture and wants to stay ahead in technology.

“I’d recommend them to compare reviews of employees of each company and see where they can fulfill their potential the most.”

We couldn’t have said it better. Thanks to Ivan for sharing his Day in the #LifeAtCA of a Software Engineer! You can follow him on LinkedIn here.

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Shahana Ginwala – Marketing Coordinator,
Talent Acquisition, Global
Connect with Shahana on LinkedIn here


#BlackHistoryInTech – A List of Black Entrepreneurs, Technologists, and Inventors that Lead the Technology Industry

Help us build a comprehensive list of black entrepreneurs, leaders, and thinkers in tech!

It’s Black History Month in the United States, and although we highlight diversity at CA Technologies throughout the year, we thought this would be a great time to highlight the contributions of black technologists, both historically and today. While researching the many brilliant minds that have built and changed the landscape of the technology industry, it became clear to us that we would never get this blog posted in time if we tried to include everyone!

We are also featuring some of those highlighted in this blog through a series of e-cards to share on social media with the hashtag #BlackHistoryInTech. Do you know a great black technologist? Tweet us at @CA_Careers with the hashtag #BlackHistoryInTech. We will add to the blog as we receive admissions.


Roy Clay Sr. is a Silicon Valley pioneer, having worked as the research and development director of Hewlett-Packard (HP)’s computer division, working on the design and construction of the company’s first computers in the 1960s. He later founded Rod-L Electronics, which tests for safety in electrical equipment.

Mark Dean helped develop the once-ubiquitous IBM PC, holding three of IBM’s nine original patents. In 1999, he sought to create a voice-activated tablet, and wrote in 2011 that he uses a tablet as his primary computer. Dean is now the CTO for IBM Middle East and Africa.

Frank Greene is considered one of the first black technologists, Frank Greene developed high-speed semi-conductor computer memory systems in the 1960s. He also founded the software companies Technology Development Corp. and ZeroOne Systems, Inc.

James E. West invented the first practical electret microphone, which uses a charged material instead of needing a polarizing power supply. It is commonly used in cellphones, cameras and digital recorders around the world. West won the Benjamin Franklin Medal in electrical engineering from the Franklin Institute in 2010.

Shirley Ann Jackson was the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. from MIT (specializing in Physics), Dr. Jackson is currently the President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, one of the Top 50 universities in the U.S. (according to U.S. News & World Report). While working at Bell Labs, she applied her knowledge of physics to make advances in telecommunications, including developments in solar cell, touch tone phones, and helped make Caller ID and call waiting.

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

Otis Boykin patented a type of resistor in 1959 that is still used today in radios, televisions and computers, which control the flow of electricity into components. This makes for products that are safer, longer lasting and cheaper. He also invented a control unit for the pacemaker. In all, Boykin was granted 28 patents for electronic devices: Some of them are still used in the military and in consumer products.

Dr. Philip Emeagwali was the inventor of the world’s fastest computer. Emeagwali took knowledge gained from his study of nature and bees and applied the efficiency of their honeycomb structure to create powerful computer processing. Using this construction, in 1989, the “Father of the Internet” used 65,000 processors to build the world’s fastest computer, one that performs computations at 3.1 billion calculations per second.

Dr. Philip Emeagwali

John Henry Thompson taught himself several computer programming languages as a young man. With a degree from MIT in Computer Science and Art, his goal was to merge art and technology. His most famous invention is Lingo: a scripting language that helps create visuals in computer programs. Lingo and other programs he pioneered are used in many programs and apps with interactive graphics, animation, sound, and video. Lingo has also been used to create the flash and shockwave programs that are now prevalent in video games, web design, animation, and graphics.

Gerald A. Lawson created the first home video game system that used interchangeable cartridges, offering gamers a chance to play a variety of games and giving video game makers a way to earn profits by selling individual games, a business model that exists today. Lawson, who died last year at age 70, is just beginning to be recognized by the gaming industry for his pioneering work.

Dixie Garr served as Cisco Systems’ vice president of customer success engineering for seven years. She drove change throughout the company’s engineering processes and business practices to better help the needs of customers around the world. She has been awarded several honors, including the 1997 Black Engineer of the Year Award.

Valerie Thomas honed her skills at NASA, where she and her team developed the first satellite to send images from space (Landsat). She also worked on computer programs used for research on Halley’s Comet and the ozone hole. In the mid-’70s, she began experimenting with concave mirrors and finally patented a 3-D Illusion Transmitter in 1980. Today, NASA uses the technology, doctors use it for medical imaging, and when you watch your 3-D television, thank Valerie Thomas.

Marc Hannah is one of the founders of the software firm Silicon Graphics (now SGI), where the special-effects genius developed 3-D graphics technology that would be used in many Hollywood movies, including Jurassic Park. He was almost instrumental in designing the Nintendo 64 gaming system.

Will Lucas founded brand marketing technology company Creadio back in 2003. He recently launched Classana, an educational resource discovery engine. Lucas is also the organizer behind TedXToledo, which is now in its second year.

Stacy Spikes is the co-founder of MoviePass, one of the most exciting things to happen to the movie business in a while. It’s essentially Netflix for movies still playing in theaters. Before co-founding MoviePass, Spikes was a long-time marketing executive who recently delved into the tech world. He’s considered one of the leaders of film entertainment marketing. Before starting MoviePass, Spikes founded the Urbanworld Film Festival, which is now the largest of its kind in the world. Urbanworld has premiered more #1 films than any other North American Film Festival, including Sundance and Tribeca.

Stacy Spikes Black History in Tech

Hamet Watt is the other co-founder of MoviePass and a former entrepreneur in residence at True Ventures. Before co-founding MoviePass alongside Stacy Spikes, he founded full-service media buying platform NextMedium, and health app bLife.

Don Charlton has changed the way hiring gets done online with his company, The Resumator. During the most recent presidential election, both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney used The Resumator to handle all of the job applications coming in. Before founding The Resumator, Charlton established himself as an award-winning interactive designer.

Majora Carter recently opened up a new startup incubator and tech education center in South Bronx to foster entrepreneurship. There is a dramatic shortage of engineering talent in the U.S. labor force, and we want to fill that gap with people who could otherwise end up in the criminal justice and welfare systems,” she recently told Fast Company. She says most of the talent in the South Bronx either leaves or doesn’t get “nurtured into something positive.” In 2010, Carter was touted as one of the 100 most creative people in business. She’s also a Peabody Award-winning broadcaster.

Kimberly Bryant wants to ensure that young black girls have the opportunity to learn how to code. In 2011, Bryant founded BlackGirlsCode, a six-week program that teaches basic programming concepts, and gives underrepresented youths the chance to learn about robotics, and a wide range of other technological concepts. Before founding BlackGirlsCode, Bryant spent about decade in biotechnology where she held several management roles at companies including Genentech, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, and Merck.

Jon Gosier is the mastermind behind data analysis startup MetaLayer, global innovation consultancy Appfrica, and non-profit organizations HiveColab and Abayima.  Gosier is a senior fellow at TED who has given talks on topics including the democratization of data platforms and social currency.

Tony Guada’s Bitcasa entered the online storage market with a major point of differentiation: infinite storage for its users. Gauda launched Bitcasa at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference back in 2011. Gauda and his co-founder have been able to attract $7 million funding from some of the most well-respected venture capital firms in the business, including Horizon Ventures, Andreessen-Horowitz, and First Round Capital. Gauda previously engineered fraud protection systems at Mastercard.

Emmitt McHenry co-founded Network Solutions, Inc., one of the early leading Internet domain services providers. In 1995, he founded NetCom Solutions International, a telecommunications and engineering company that has won awards from IBM and NASA, among other places.

Rachel Duran






Rachel Duran

A Day in the Life at CA: Kris MacKay, Customer Experience Manager

Kris MacKay Day in the Life At CA

When searching for a job or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond and give you insight from a real CA employee. This profile of one of our Customer Experience Managers is part of our careers blog series “A Day in The Life At CA”.

Meet Kris MacKay. Kris brings a unique technical sensibility to his role as a Customer Experience Manager that’s critical to his ability to not only solve customers’ problems, but truly understand what they’re going through. “I have BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering, plus several years of experience in software engineering, including development and QA,” Kris explains. “This makes me sympathetic to the needs of our customers since I’ve been on the other side of the table, trying to get an application to work or to fit my particular situation.”

In addition to his technical know-how, Kris also knows how to deal with people. He has been part of the CA Customer Success Team for two years, with more than ten years of customer facing roles prior to that helping people, in his words, “use hardware and software through training and customer support.”

For Kris, customer success isn’t just about fighting fires. “I like to help people solve problems, but also really enjoy when I can help someone discover something new,” Kris says.

Kris also loves seeing that learning and application process in action. When asked about a recent success story, Kris shared how one customer used CA to better serve their own customers. “It’s exciting to see how they’ve put the pieces of our API Management and Service Management solutions together to increase their development throughput and work with THEIR customers to better serve them,” he described.

To facilitate successes like these, Kris focuses on making sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time. “If someone has a pressing issue, that means ensuring Support has what they need and gathering information to assist,” Kris elaborates. “At other times, it’s viewing pieces of a customer’s work to introduce them to a product feature that they haven’t had time to explore or is new and could really benefit them.”

Kris believes that great support comes from a simple commitment: “It’s key to keep communication lines open.” He puts this in practice by practicing active listening. According to Kris, “It’s important to not only hear what’s being said, but to ask questions to find out what else is going on. Information is often uncovered when the client and I discuss the situation together – not when I just respond to a request.”

That same spirit of openness carries into Kris’s life outside of work as well. In his free time, he helps teach kids in grades 3-8 how to program. Kris also enjoys bike riding and dining out at the wide variety of restaurants in the Dallas area.

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Five important things you need to know for your last semester of college

During your final months in class you’re focused on finishing strong academically, but if a post-college career is something you’re after come summertime, then putting in the work during your last semester can really make the difference in having a job lined up, or spending months searching for one while the job market becomes saturated with fresh graduates. The job market in 2018 is fiercely competitive, so we wanted to provide some suggestions on things you should keep in mind during your last semester of college. Four months to graduation? Read on.

Put in the netWORK

The importance of networking is constantly shoved in our faces – nothing new here. Statistics prove that networking is how most people find new jobs. In fact, the reason I’m working for CA is because a former classmate forwarded the role to the careers office on campus. Because I had a great relationship with the career counselors, it was sent to me and the connection was made. My former classmate put in a good word for me, and I’m happy to be at CA two years later. Staying connected is not all about attending formal networking events and career fairs. Although those are great, making meaningful connections with classmates and campus staff goes a long way when looking for a job after graduation.

Go on every interview

Companies are using innovative and more challenging practices for interviewing candidates, so it’s important to understand how to search and interview for jobs in 2018. Going on every interview might be common sense to many, but it wasn’t for me at the time. During my last semester, I was given the opportunity to interview for a content role and the company wanted me to produce writing samples in the tone of a “discerning mother.” I couldn’t help but feel that my writing style was the farthest thing from a discerning mother, and there was no way I could complete this assignment, so I declined the interview. Looking back, I’m regretful of this decision and honestly wish I could be tasked with this assignment again! I might not have been a good fit for this role, but gaining interview experience and working on assignments that mirror ones in the real world is incredibly valuable. My advice would be to go on every interview that comes your way, even if you feel like failure is inevitable.

Take your professors out for coffee

If anything, to thank your professors for the classroom experience, but I also found it insightful to talk with my professors about their backgrounds and how they found their careers. Some of these conversations made me feel that I was already entirely behind in life professionally, but learning that someone with a PhD struggled to find their place in the workforce for years was reassuring. Personal stories are relative, so take them with a grain of salt.

Apply to as many jobs you think is reasonable, then apply to 5 more

At one point in my job search, I thought that I should start keeping track of all the jobs I was applying to. In a two-month period, I had applied to around 150 jobs. To some this might seem like a lot, and to others it’s nothing. My point here is that if you’re being too finicky on which jobs you’re applying to, you’re limiting your odds and missing out on interviewing practice. Interviewing is a skill, and just as with any other, you must practice to hone in on that skill.

Don’t quit your part-time job

Sometimes students feel that they need to quit their current job during their last semester to devote all their time to school work and job search. In my opinion, unless you’re in a fulltime role that’s truly taking up all your time, you should keep your part-time job. It’s hard to determine how long your job search will take, and if you haven’t lined up a new job by the time graduation rolls around, you’ll probably appreciate the part-time income.

Finally, savor the time with your friends. Camaraderie among college friends is special. Inevitably friend groups will disperse, but you will always share some of the fondest memories of your lives. Cheers to your last semester!

My college crew

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