The Best Entry Level Software Engineer Job Ever is at CA Technologies

An entry level software engineer should be able to learn the ropes *and* write the future.

Scanning job boards for entry level software engineer openings can be daunting if you’re not quite sure what kind of projects you’d like to work on or where you want to live. There’s a lot of pressure to pick a solid starting point for your future career as you work diligently through your graduating semester. What if you don’t like the first project you’re on? What if you don’t know enough about it? Are you ready to do it on your own, without feeling like you’re asking for too much help? What if no one notices your work and you feel like you made the wrong choice? These are the things that keep a fledgling engineer up at night!

Take a deep breath, young Obi Wan, it’s going to be ok! At CA Technologies, we believe in the power of learning from mentors and building experience in different areas of the business as you begin your software engineering career. That’s why we created the Associate Software Engineer (ASE) program. These roles are specifically designed for recent college graduates who want to learn more about the real world of enterprise technology product development as they venture into their brand new careers. We’ve had ASEs that build operations guides for Hackathons, create lean canvas concepts for data analysis, and even pitch ideas to our Chief Technology Officer and famed Xbox founder, Otto Berkes.

Another challenge that many new graduates face (yes, even that one classmate that seems to have it all figured out) is the anxiety-ridden decision of choosing which type of technology you’d like to work with. Why can’t you try several that first year while you figure out what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about? These opportunities are based in several U.S. cities, but you’ll also have a potential opportunity to travel for training and additional exposure to various tech roles within the organization. While in the program, some ASEs work on various projects within a program, while others work within a few different programs. Each individual ASE’s experience is a new learning adventure! The best part is that these roles are nine months of paid, on-the-job training (a far cry from that coffee-fetching internship horror story your friend told you all about last summer).

Entry level software engineer

After nine months in the Associate Software Engineer program, you’re ready to discuss with your peers and managers the best place to be and the work you’re most passionate about, and together you’ll decide the business unit that’s right for your continued career.

You can probably tell how much we love our ASE programs, but don’t take it from us. Read what some of our ASE graduates have said about their experience!

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The 2017 program starts in June, and we’re hiring now!