A Day in the Life of An Intern: Irene Weng

Wondering what it’s like to be an intern or associate at CA Technologies? We’ve asked a few of this year’s outstanding group to share their experiences and talk about #LifeAtCA as an intern/associate.

Meet Irene Weng, DevOps intern in our Santa Clara, CA office.

This is Irene’s second internship – her first was last summer as a technical training intern at Lucasfilm. We asked what attracted her to an internship at CA this year.

“I wanted real-world industry experience in software engineering and development, and I thought that CA would be a great place to learn from seasoned engineers and developers. I was also interested in working with a team towards building an effective product.”

In her intern role with us, Irene has gained hands-on experience configuring a login provider to the front of CA’s APM application, and designed a logo and icons for the Unfit application.

A typical day for Irene involves biking in around 9 a.m., grabbing a coffee, checking emails and working hard until lunchtime, when she eats with her intern friends and sometimes a few full-timers. Her day also usually involves an afternoon break playing ping pong or pool with the other interns, then back to work until she leaves around 5:30.

Irene said her favorite part of her internship is the people she’s met and befriended in the office. “Everyone is very friendly and kind,” she said.

When asked about her favorite part of her workspace and office, she said:

“The entire 6th floor is an open space with a bright color scheme and cool furniture that gives more of a startup-y vibe.”

Irene Weng, Intern, Santa Clara Office

What advice would she give to a candidate coming to interview for an intern or associate position at CA?

“Don’t feel intimidated by the technical questions and logic puzzles, and make sure to clearly explain your thought process while solving each question. It’s okay if you have no idea how to approach a technical question either, just make sure you explain all your ideas. The interviewer will give you hints along the way too.”

CA’s mission is guided by its DNA, beliefs that all employees strive to live by. We asked Irene what her favorite DNA aspect was her favorite.

“The ‘creative’ aspect is my favorite, perhaps due to my background in fine arts; I’ve learned that creativity can manifest in totally different ways, which leads to more innovation, new ideas and alternate solutions to seemingly difficult problems.”

Many people who are new to the tech industry may not know CA Technologies. We asked Irene why an intern might want to consider a lesser-known B2B technology company as opposed to a better-known brand.

“I think the work you do at an internship heightened by the environment and culture that it’s set in makes or breaks the experience, rather than the prestige or popularity of the actual company. As such, students or newcomers to the tech field should really research different internships/positions/contracts and what each role can provide as an opportunity, and make sure to apply for something they’re genuinely passionate about.”

If you’re ready to bring what you bring to an internship at CA, learn more and search our intern positions here,  or see if we’re coming to your campus.

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