A Day in the Life of An Intern: Molly Pfaff

Hi! My name is Molly Pfaff, and I am a Summer 2017 Talent Acquisition intern seated in Islandia, NY.  I am going to be a junior at the College of the Holy Cross, where I am a Pre-Business English major. This is my first internship experience, and I was attracted to CA when I interviewed here and was introduced to the culture of employees, and the common values shared across the company.

This summer I get to sit with the recruiting team, where I will be listening to and participating in what they do every day from requisition prepping to calling candidates and everything in between.

Molly Pfaff workspace
My workspace.

A “typical day” in my internship is very dynamic, which is my favorite part.  While I am usually interacting with members of the Talent Acquisition team, I have also been able to have a shadow day once a week with members of the people, compensation, benefits, and mobility departments as well as work on projects with the campus & diversity and marketing teams.  I usually like to include a run on the treadmill in the Fitness Center (or a trip to Chipotle) in my daily routine as well.

Love the fitness center!

While every aspect of my internship experience so far has been nothing but valuable and enjoyable, my favorite part has been meeting and learning from such talented people who are always willing to answer questions and help out.  The DNA Mission is a model that CA uses to define the company and its traits are those that employees strive to live by, and is a significant part of the company. My favorite aspect of the DNA Mission is the ‘collaborative’ piece. I have found that all the different departments and teams I have been exposed to overlap with each other, and work together to innovate and produce rewarding results for the overall organization.

That being said, I think one quality that people need to be successful here is drive, as well as cohesiveness.  Throughout my time at CA I have come to realize that a common thread amongst the people who work here is that they are driven to establish contemporary and innovative ways to help the company succeed as a whole.

A piece of advice I would give to a candidate coming to interview at CA would be to be yourself and not be afraid to ask questions to whomever you are lucky enough to meet.  While CA is a huge company, many people don’t know much about it before they get involved. I would suggest doing your research beforehand, because you will be surprised and impressed with what you find.  Just because you’ve never heard of CA prior to your interview doesn’t mean that they don’t have great resources, big-name clients, successful departments, and enthusiastic employees. In my experience this summer I have encountered all those things and learned about far more than just the corporate world.

If you’re ready to bring what you bring to an internship at CA, learn more and search our intern positions here,  or see if we’re coming to your campus.

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