A Day in the Life of An Intern: Paige Smith

Wondering what it’s like to be an intern or associate at CA Technologies? We’ve asked a few of this year’s outstanding group to share their experiences and talk about #LifeAtCA as an intern/associate.

Meet Paige Smith, Global Communications Intern in our New York City office.

Paige interned with a small software company last summer, but gravitated toward CA this year because she wanted to work for a company “large enough to allow for many diverse experiences.”

“I gravitate to global companies because so much of business today occurs across borders. To align yourself with a company with teams across the world will give you a better opportunity to have a more realistic internship experience, as well as the opportunity to meet a diverse collection of coworkers.”

We asked Paige to describe her intern role.

“My duty is to support the Global Communications team in whatever capacity they need. Lucky for me, that could be anything, depending on the day. There are recurring duties such as compiling daily, weekly and biweekly newsletters, but I’ve also written pieces for CA’s Highlights blog, penned bylines for executives and compiled internally and externally distributed content like articles and videos.”

A typical day for Paige involves commuting to the city via train, where she likes to catch up on email before getting into the office.

“Much of my duties are media related, so often my first page opened in the morning is the Wall Street Journal or various tech outlets. There are weekly meetings with teams to catch up, where I take notes, then returning to finishing or editing an article.”

Paige usually grabs lunch with other interns at a deli near the office, then eats with them at a nice park that is close by. The afternoon is spent catching up with people on projects or upcoming deadlines. Then, almost every day after work, she goes for a run in Central Park, which is just five blocks from the office.

Paige Smith, global communications intern
Enjoying a fun hike!

Paige says her favorite part of her internship is the pace at which she moves on a daily basis.

“Unlike my previous experiences and what my friends tell me of their experiences, I have not had a single time where I had nothing to complete. I’m a person who loves to be constantly moving, so this is perfect for me. I also love the diversity of tasks I’ve completed thus far.”

When asked about the best part of her workspace, she said she likes the collaborative capabilities it has.

“My cubicle mate, Sam, is also interning, but on the more technical side of things. Our conversations about everything from AI to current politics and how it relates to security have been fascinating.”

She also loves the overall vibe in her office.

“It’s not silent, and there is always something going on. Hearing people constantly working around you inspires your work which is something I really enjoy.”

Paige has also cultivated a great relationship with her manager.

“My manager has been an incredible mentor for me thus far. From encouraging me to reach out to team members to even having a conversation about my LinkedIn, he’s been very influential and encouraging.”

What one quality does Paige feel is important to being a successful intern at CA?

“It’s incredibly important to be proactive in all regards. It is daunting for an intern to knock on a door of someone he or she may not know, but it’s sometimes necessary for an opportunity to open up.”

Paige also has some advice for candidates coming to interview for an internship at CA.

“Preparation is vitally important. When working with a company who seeks to deliver cutting-edge technology, you, as the interviewee, should at least have a baseline knowledge of the products and solutions offered, as well as others in the marketplace.”

If you’re ready to bring what you bring to an internship at CA, learn more and search our intern positions here,  or see if we’re coming to your campus.

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