A Day in the Life of An Intern: James Roberts

Wondering what it’s like to be an intern or associate at CA Technologies?We’ve asked a few of this year’s outstanding group to share their experiences and talk about #LifeAtCA as an intern/associate.

Meet James Roberts, Business Intern at our Ditton Park, CA office.

This is James’s first internship as a Business Intern. We asked what attracted him to an internship at CA this year.

“CA is one of the leading companies when it comes to employee welfare, this was a keen incentive for me because it showed CA would be a place where I could be creative and my ideas would be considered and appreciated. It also thrives with a diverse work culture with people coming from all parts of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. When arriving at the CA Technologies building at Ditton Park for my assessment day, I developed an instant buzz for the positive atmosphere within the building. The building boasts spectacular facilities and the role that they were offering gave me a great perspective of the company, what’s not to love?!”

In his intern role with us, James has gained hands-on experience in organizing events alongside with different business units to help gather both new leads, in addition to strengthening the relationships with current customers.

“My role allows me to transition through departments, including Marketing, Communications and Sales. This gives me a holistic view of the company and the chance to develop a wide range of skills within different environments.”

A typical day for James involves biking in around 9 a.m., grabbing a coffee, checking emails and working hard until lunchtime, when he eats with his intern friends and sometimes a few full-timers. His day also usually involves an afternoon break playing football or tennis with the other interns, then back to work until he leaves around 5:30.

James said the favorite part of his internship is to handle the challenges & task that he comes across every single day.

When asked about his favorite part of his work space and office, he said:

“It’s hard to pick the best part of Ditton Park because it boasts so many incredible places both inside and outside the building, from table tennis to acres of land to walk around, it is the perfect environment to work in. The sports facilities though are a cut above, with football pitches, tennis courts and a well-equipped gym, Ditton Park offers a wide range of lunch times and after work activities to improve employee well being. Having such a vast choice of activities around Ditton Park really does set it apart from other offices when it comes to employee satisfaction and well being.”

What advice would James give to a candidate coming to interview for an intern or associate position at CA?

“Bring what you bring, whether it be passion, innovation, or weirdness, CA has a place for you. It is important for you to be just yourself, because whatever you bring, it will fit into CA’s diverse culture. CA revolves largely around teamwork, so showing that you can bring individuals together and be a catalyst for conversation is a great way to impress in an interview scenario.”

Winners of the UK CA football tournament this summer

CA’s mission is guided by its DNA, beliefs that all employees strive to live by. We asked James what his favorite DNA aspect was his favorite.

CA’s collaborative part of its DNA is for me the most important aspect. It is the catalyst that allows the rest of the DNA to flourish, giving opportunities for people to be creative in the workplace. The collaborative nature of CA has allowed me to build relationships with the people I work with, which has helped me progress with my learning a lot quicker.


Many people who are new to the tech industry may not know CA Technologies. We asked James why an intern might want to consider a lesser-known B2B technology company as opposed to a better-known brand.

“I would suggest looking at the company and what it has achieved and especially for the way they treat their employees. From being the best company to work for single parents to receiving awards for employing a diverse workforce, CA’s unique working experience offers an incredible introduction to the world of technology.”

If you’re ready to bring what you bring to an internship at CA, learn more and search our intern positions here,  or see if we’re coming to your campus.

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