Women In Leadership at CA Technologies | Ana Ascasso Orbezua

As part of our “Bring What You Bring – Women in Leadership” blog series, we’re celebrating several of our women in leadership to find out what they bring to the organization.

Meet Ana Ascasso Orbezua. She’s a Sr. Business Technology Architect.

What does a Sr. Business Technology Architect do?

Ana takes a leading role of coordinating between both sales and presales units, to understand customer needs and provide a specific solution.

“My role helps to translate the customer needs into our solutions, assuring that we are assuming and covering the customer’s expectations. Another part of my role is to coordinate to the all CA persons involved in some key step of sales cycle.”

Bring What You Bring

At CA, employees are encouraged to work with one another and build on each other’s strengths to create richer results. This ‘Bring What You Bring’ ethos is spread right across the organization and when speaking to Ana about what she brings to CA she told us that her main asset is collaboration & team spirit, as she strongly believes in cultivating an environment for everyone to give their best.

                                                 Ana with her family

“To address the business challenges, it is key to create a collaborative environment in which every individual gives the best to the team. When we work together as a team, in the same direction with the same goals, we are more effective and smart and if we win, everybody feels part of this success.

One piece of advice for current or future Women Leaders

Ana believes that women should deserve the opportunity to assume leadership positions, in every place of society.

“If we, as women, don’t show our willingness to lead, some others will do. Don’t be shy, believe in yourself. We are strong, smart and brave. Ask for an opportunity, take the risk and enjoy the journey.”


                                                           Ana as a small child

My female inspiration

Ana has many female and male role models but mentions her biggest inspiration are her Grandmothers.

                                                Ana with her Grandmother

“I have read many biographies about historic women, and all of them have the same characteristic. They were true to themselves, THEY WERE NOT PERFECT. In terms of role models my two grandmothers influenced me. They are both incredibly strong women, who both lived through a civil war on opposing sides, but both believed and faced the struggle themselves; they’re fighters, they’re entrepreneurs and they’re both fiercely brave. They were a big part of my childhood and I never felt that they thought differently towards each other (due to the civil war). Over the years I realized how different their lives had been and how respectful they were between them. They both taught me that I should live a life that would benefit myself in-compassing my own virtues and my mistakes. Antoni and Domi, my grandmothers, two great women of the last century.”

Women in Leadership qualities

CA Technologies has a core of DNA that align with the companies mission, to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes. Ana has selected the most important DNA traits that she feels will make you a successful woman in leadership at CA Technologies.

  • self-aware, if I recognize my virtues and my defects, I can understand other people better.
  • resilient, we need to adapt to different environments.
  • uncompromising integrity, you can’t compromise honesty and truthfulness in any role, let alone a leadership position.
  • customer centric, CA is a company centered around our customers. Without them we don’t exist.

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Ana Ascasso Orbezua – Sr. Business Technology Architect
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