Women In Leadership at CA Technologies | Janice Cox

As part of our “Bring What You Bring – Women in Leadership” blog series, we’re celebrating several of our women in leadership to find out what they bring to the organization.

Meet Janice Cox. She’s the VP of Sales and Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand.

What does a VP of Sales and Managing Director ANZ do?

Janice takes a leading role in collaborating with customers to help them grow their business through utilizing CA software.

“I am responsible for driving sales, building the partner ecosystem, developing new business and managing overall operations.”

Bring What You Bring

At CA, employees are encouraged to work with one another and build on each other’s strengths to create richer results. This ‘Bring What You Bring’ ethos is spread right across the organization and when speaking to Janice about what she brings to CA, she told us that her main asset is her experience and passion, as she believes in; delivering value to customers, the coaching and leadership of CA’s employees, business growth and effectiveness.

“I understand the importance of working closely with customers to help them achieve success in their business. Doing this well every day is what counts. When our customers are recommending our products and services to other organizations, that’s my measure of success.”

One piece of advice for current or future Women Leaders

Janice believes that mistakes should never stop a woman from achieving the best in their careers. Failure is just a stepping stone to success.

“Develop your confidence through learning from your mistakes and believe you can overcome the problems you encounter – there is always a solution.”     

My female inspiration

Janice has many female and male role models, but mentions her biggest inspiration is Meg Whitman, Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“I believe Meg Whitman is a very impressive global CEO. She is practical and pragmatic. Customers are always front and center of what she’s trying to achieve and she will drop everything when the major issues hits, demonstrating to both customers and staff, that being there when it counts is everything.”  

Source : http://www.azquotes.com/author/15604-Meg_Whitman

Women in Leadership qualities

CA Technologies has a core of DNA that align with the company’s mission, to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes. Janice has selected the most important DNA trait that she feels will make her a successful woman in leadership at CA Technologies.

Collaborative – I am first and foremost a collaborator. This is both in the internal and external sense. I like to see the results of our efforts materialize in business growth for our company and our customer’s organizations.

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Janice Cox – VP Sales and Managing Director ANZ
Connect with Janice on LinkedIn here

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