A Day in the Life at CA: Ryan Phillipowsky, Digital Presales Consultant

Insight on what it’s like to work in Digital Presales at CA

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond and give you insight from a real CA employee. This profile of one of our Digital Presales Consultants is part of our careers blog series “A Day in The Life At CA”.

Meet Ryan

Ryan is relatively new to CA – he’s been working as a Digital Presales Consultant in the Plano, TX office for around seven months.

What exactly does a Digital Presales Consultant do?

“I help large organizations resolve their day-to-day IT challenges by introducing them to software solutions and industry best practices.”

Always learning

A typical day for Ryan starts with morning coffee, returning emails and prepping for customer calls.

“Work is actually pretty fun for me. My days consist of customer demos, and surprisingly, learning. Continually learning while on the job is a huge upside for me. I’m always excited to learn more about my area of focus, as it allows me to offer additional insight and value to our customers.”

The best part of the job

Ryan say the best part of the job is interacting with customers.

“I love going onsite and interacting with our clients in their own environment. This personal interaction not only allows me to properly contextualize the needs of our clientele, but it also contributes to a more trusting and productive working relationship with our consumers.”

The workspace

Ryan enjoys the collaborative layout of the Plano office.

“Having an enclosed yet open work area is awesome. It accommodates for needed privacy should my schedule be demanding, while still allowing me to openly interact and socialize with my coworkers.”

Desk of Ryan Phillipowsky, Digital Presales Consultant

However, he says his favorite part of the office is the people he works with.

“We’re a healthy mix of professional and silly, which makes the office environment equally fun and productive.”

Bring What You Bring

We asked Ryan what he feels is the best CA benefit.

“CA fosters quite a unique and inclusive work environment. Unlike most corporations, CA is incredibly considerate of family dynamics, personal growth or hardship, and all else that comes with being ‘you.’ My manager has been a wonderful representative of all that makes CA a desirable place to call ‘work’.”

Room to grow

We asked Ryan why someone might want to consider working for a B2B technology company like CA over a more well-known brand such as Google or Microsoft.

“Unlike other tech giants, CA continually shows a vested interest in their talent and our personal successes. We have the resources of a global company with a culture that encourages longevity and career progression.”

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