A Day in the Life at CA: Menka Goyal, Sr Principal Software Engineer

CA Accelerator is the internal incubation program of CA Technologies. Part startup, part venture capital and part think tank, the Accelerator is one way CA Technologies is encouraging internal innovation and breaking barriers within our organization. The CA Accelerator is a unique opportunity to join a big company, but have the feel of working for a startup.

As part of our “Day in the Life” blog series, we’re checking in with some of the people who build and define our latest projects and asking them what it’s like to work on an Accelerator team.

Menka’s Journey to CA

Menka started her journey into the world of Technology at NIT University in India, where she completed a degree in Electronics and Communication. Since graduating from NIT, Menka has been working in technology for 21 years, six of which have been spent working for CA Technologies. Menka started at ITKO when it was still a small Service Virtualization company, and at the time CA acquired ITKO she was leading the Software Engineering team. Menka recently transitioned to the CA Accelerator project called KnowThings.io and works from the Plano, TX office a few times a week and the rest of her time remotely.

The Accelerator

The Accelerator gives team members exciting opportunities to influence the product they work on in all areas, and watch the project’s progression from the beginning, which is one of Menka’s favorite parts of the job.

“Although I am the architect and my role is technical, I see the other sides of the product and can influence how those things are done too. It’s a great pleasure to see the journey of your product going from infancy to a mature market leading solution.”

Life on an Accelerator project is fast paced; it’s all about reacting quickly and pivoting to meet customer needs and solve the problem at hand. But the teams also recognize that taking time off is important to recharge.

“The work life balance is great, you have the benefits of a big company with the energy and freedom of a startup. Having worked here, I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

A day with Menka

Menka has mastered the art of balancing life and work, and has an efficient system for staying on top of project goals.

“After dropping my kids off at school, I come in, check my emails and then have stand up. Then I work on whatever goal I set for myself the night before. Hopefully I finish my goal before I leave. I leave around 4:30 so that I can be home when my kids get home from school. I have dinner with my family, and a nightly cup of tea. If I accomplished my work goals, I read for personal development (trying to pick up a new language, building things, or public speaking). If I didn’t, I code or research and design until I’ve reached my goal for the day. Sometimes I go to bed early, sometimes I am up late trying to solve a big problem. I love it.”

Life at CA Benefits

One of the advantages of working for a startup within a large company like CA is that Accelerator team members get the same benefits offered to all CA employees. What would Menka say is the best CA benefit?

“The health benefits. My husband also works in tech, and most years CA’s benefits are better than his company’s. I have family members with health needs and we max out our deductible every year. Knowing that CA will cover the difference means that I can focus on my family and that is incredibly reassuring.”

CA believes that taking time away from work is a good way to promote your health, morale, and productivity, and therefore we have a flexible time off policy that encourages employees to take the time they need. CA can also help employees make the most of their time off, as Menka comments “one year, we booked a trip to Orlando and saved around $800 on our family vacation, by using CA’s travel benefits.”

In conclusion, Menka says that CA’s commitment to its workforce has been a huge boost in her career and enthusiasm, and if you’re considering a role with a CA Accelerator project you should take it!

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