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As part of our “Bring What You Bring – Women in Leadership” blog series, we’re celebrating several of our women in leadership to find out what they bring to the organization.

Meet Hannah Preston. She’s the Global Account Director, HSBC

What does a Global Account Director, HSBC do?

Hannah takes a leading role in understanding the bank’s vision to help them grow their business through utilizing CA software.

“My purpose is to help the World’s Largest Bank to be the best it can be. I firmly believe that CA has the tools the bank needs to be even more successful. It takes a collaborative effort from; Sales, Services/Education, Customer Success, Engineering, Partners and Consultants to achieve such ambitions. It is my job to navigate the Bank’s challenges and connect them to programs that deliver the right business outcomes. It takes more than tools to be successful. People are equally important. “Having a rake in the garden won’t make your garden beautiful. It is having a clear vision of the garden you desire, and then putting the rake to work is how you get the garden you want.” I want to fully understand the Banks vision, and help them execute their strategy.”   

Bring What You Bring

At CA, employees are encouraged to work with one another and build on each other’s strengths to create richer results. This ‘Bring What You Bring’ ethos is spread right across the organization and when speaking to Hannah about what she brings to CA she told us that her main asset is her creativity and her positive ripple effect, as she believes that an innovative approach inspires new ideas, energy and excitement.

“Creative flair, I love creating beautiful content, images, videos and ads. Well-crafted content can be very compelling in a sales strategy. Simplifying complexity is a characteristic that runs through everything I do. Making business outcome simple to understand helps buyers to understand the “why” which is important to get the right effect. If I think about the most valuable thing that I bring to CA, it is a positive ripple effect; I like to circulate positive energy, which tends to spark positive energy in others forgive me if that sounds a bit “hippy-dippy” but I have seen it make a real difference everywhere I go.”

One piece of advice for current or future Women Leaders

Hannah believes that a woman should never underestimate her strength and should continuously learn to evolve and grow.

“Go for it. Don’t wait for permission to advance, ask for what you want, know your value (don’t underestimate it), learn continuously (it will give you greater confidence).” 

My female inspiration

Hannah finds inspiration in women who are true and faithful to themselves and are always ready to help others.

“So many amazing inspiring female leaders: I look for women who are true to themselves, who have a purpose in life and help others and share their experiences. Stories of incredible women who negotiate peace in hostile conflict situations inspire me in business; these people are living proof that there are other ways to settle better outcomes, that do not require brute force and power battles. I believe we have the same opportunity for peaceful negotiation in business.”

Women in Leadership qualities

CA Technologies has a core of DNA that align with the company’s mission, to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes. Hannah has selected the most important DNA trait that she feels will make her a successful woman in leadership at CA Technologies.

  • Authentic – Authenticity is key trait. Mindfulness and fostering trust among peers, partners and customers I am confident will achieve success.
  • Collaborative – Collaboration is vital to success, it’s like compound interest “winning together is so much more rewarding than winning solo.”

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Hannah Preston – Global Account Director, HSBC
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