#BlackHistoryInTech – A List of Black Entrepreneurs, Technologists, and Inventors that Lead the Technology Industry

Help us build a comprehensive list of black entrepreneurs, leaders, and thinkers in tech!

It’s Black History Month in the United States, and although we highlight diversity at CA Technologies throughout the year, we thought this would be a great time to highlight the contributions of black technologists, both historically and today. While researching the many brilliant minds that have built and changed the landscape of the technology industry, it became clear to us that we would never get this blog posted in time if we tried to include everyone!

We are also featuring some of those highlighted in this blog through a series of e-cards to share on social media with the hashtag #BlackHistoryInTech. Do you know a great black technologist? Tweet us at @CA_Careers with the hashtag #BlackHistoryInTech. We will add to the blog as we receive admissions.


Roy Clay Sr. is a Silicon Valley pioneer, having worked as the research and development director of Hewlett-Packard (HP)’s computer division, working on the design and construction of the company’s first computers in the 1960s. He later founded Rod-L Electronics, which tests for safety in electrical equipment.

Mark Dean helped develop the once-ubiquitous IBM PC, holding three of IBM’s nine original patents. In 1999, he sought to create a voice-activated tablet, and wrote in 2011 that he uses a tablet as his primary computer. Dean is now the CTO for IBM Middle East and Africa.

Frank Greene is considered one of the first black technologists, Frank Greene developed high-speed semi-conductor computer memory systems in the 1960s. He also founded the software companies Technology Development Corp. and ZeroOne Systems, Inc.

James E. West invented the first practical electret microphone, which uses a charged material instead of needing a polarizing power supply. It is commonly used in cellphones, cameras and digital recorders around the world. West won the Benjamin Franklin Medal in electrical engineering from the Franklin Institute in 2010.

Shirley Ann Jackson was the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. from MIT (specializing in Physics), Dr. Jackson is currently the President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, one of the Top 50 universities in the U.S. (according to U.S. News & World Report). While working at Bell Labs, she applied her knowledge of physics to make advances in telecommunications, including developments in solar cell, touch tone phones, and helped make Caller ID and call waiting.

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

Otis Boykin patented a type of resistor in 1959 that is still used today in radios, televisions and computers, which control the flow of electricity into components. This makes for products that are safer, longer lasting and cheaper. He also invented a control unit for the pacemaker. In all, Boykin was granted 28 patents for electronic devices: Some of them are still used in the military and in consumer products.

Dr. Philip Emeagwali was the inventor of the world’s fastest computer. Emeagwali took knowledge gained from his study of nature and bees and applied the efficiency of their honeycomb structure to create powerful computer processing. Using this construction, in 1989, the “Father of the Internet” used 65,000 processors to build the world’s fastest computer, one that performs computations at 3.1 billion calculations per second.

Dr. Philip Emeagwali

John Henry Thompson taught himself several computer programming languages as a young man. With a degree from MIT in Computer Science and Art, his goal was to merge art and technology. His most famous invention is Lingo: a scripting language that helps create visuals in computer programs. Lingo and other programs he pioneered are used in many programs and apps with interactive graphics, animation, sound, and video. Lingo has also been used to create the flash and shockwave programs that are now prevalent in video games, web design, animation, and graphics.

Gerald A. Lawson created the first home video game system that used interchangeable cartridges, offering gamers a chance to play a variety of games and giving video game makers a way to earn profits by selling individual games, a business model that exists today. Lawson, who died last year at age 70, is just beginning to be recognized by the gaming industry for his pioneering work.

Dixie Garr served as Cisco Systems’ vice president of customer success engineering for seven years. She drove change throughout the company’s engineering processes and business practices to better help the needs of customers around the world. She has been awarded several honors, including the 1997 Black Engineer of the Year Award.

Valerie Thomas honed her skills at NASA, where she and her team developed the first satellite to send images from space (Landsat). She also worked on computer programs used for research on Halley’s Comet and the ozone hole. In the mid-’70s, she began experimenting with concave mirrors and finally patented a 3-D Illusion Transmitter in 1980. Today, NASA uses the technology, doctors use it for medical imaging, and when you watch your 3-D television, thank Valerie Thomas.

Marc Hannah is one of the founders of the software firm Silicon Graphics (now SGI), where the special-effects genius developed 3-D graphics technology that would be used in many Hollywood movies, including Jurassic Park. He was almost instrumental in designing the Nintendo 64 gaming system.

Will Lucas founded brand marketing technology company Creadio back in 2003. He recently launched Classana, an educational resource discovery engine. Lucas is also the organizer behind TedXToledo, which is now in its second year.

Stacy Spikes is the co-founder of MoviePass, one of the most exciting things to happen to the movie business in a while. It’s essentially Netflix for movies still playing in theaters. Before co-founding MoviePass, Spikes was a long-time marketing executive who recently delved into the tech world. He’s considered one of the leaders of film entertainment marketing. Before starting MoviePass, Spikes founded the Urbanworld Film Festival, which is now the largest of its kind in the world. Urbanworld has premiered more #1 films than any other North American Film Festival, including Sundance and Tribeca.

Stacy Spikes Black History in Tech

Hamet Watt is the other co-founder of MoviePass and a former entrepreneur in residence at True Ventures. Before co-founding MoviePass alongside Stacy Spikes, he founded full-service media buying platform NextMedium, and health app bLife.

Don Charlton has changed the way hiring gets done online with his company, The Resumator. During the most recent presidential election, both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney used The Resumator to handle all of the job applications coming in. Before founding The Resumator, Charlton established himself as an award-winning interactive designer.

Majora Carter recently opened up a new startup incubator and tech education center in South Bronx to foster entrepreneurship. There is a dramatic shortage of engineering talent in the U.S. labor force, and we want to fill that gap with people who could otherwise end up in the criminal justice and welfare systems,” she recently told Fast Company. She says most of the talent in the South Bronx either leaves or doesn’t get “nurtured into something positive.” In 2010, Carter was touted as one of the 100 most creative people in business. She’s also a Peabody Award-winning broadcaster.

Kimberly Bryant wants to ensure that young black girls have the opportunity to learn how to code. In 2011, Bryant founded BlackGirlsCode, a six-week program that teaches basic programming concepts, and gives underrepresented youths the chance to learn about robotics, and a wide range of other technological concepts. Before founding BlackGirlsCode, Bryant spent about decade in biotechnology where she held several management roles at companies including Genentech, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, and Merck.

Jon Gosier is the mastermind behind data analysis startup MetaLayer, global innovation consultancy Appfrica, and non-profit organizations HiveColab and Abayima.  Gosier is a senior fellow at TED who has given talks on topics including the democratization of data platforms and social currency.

Tony Guada’s Bitcasa entered the online storage market with a major point of differentiation: infinite storage for its users. Gauda launched Bitcasa at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference back in 2011. Gauda and his co-founder have been able to attract $7 million funding from some of the most well-respected venture capital firms in the business, including Horizon Ventures, Andreessen-Horowitz, and First Round Capital. Gauda previously engineered fraud protection systems at Mastercard.

Emmitt McHenry co-founded Network Solutions, Inc., one of the early leading Internet domain services providers. In 1995, he founded NetCom Solutions International, a telecommunications and engineering company that has won awards from IBM and NASA, among other places.

Rachel Duran






Rachel Duran

2018 resume refresh: top tips from the latest research

Refresh your resume for 2018

Updating our goals for the new year is a time-honored tradition, and if career success is on your 2018 agenda, a resume refresh should be on your resolution list. The job market is changing fast, and whether you’re actively seeking a new role or aiming for a promotion, you’ll want to sharpen your professional presence and digital footprint to keep up with today’s demands. We’ve polled our own recruiters and dug into some new scholarly research to compile the top three tips for upgrading not just your resume, but your professional clout, networks and personal pitch.

Manage your personal brand

Job seekers should treat their public social media profiles like a company manages its brand1. Maximum visibility will result from best practices such as using strong keywords, professional images and engaging summaries.

Social media is disrupting the recruiting process, as candidates and recruiters connect and build long-term relationships online and skip the middle men, such as job boards1.  Online networks provide ongoing relationships through the power of connection, messaging, big data and forum discussion. While LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform1, platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are becoming more frequent sources for recruiters looking for top talent. Most CA Technologies recruiters have Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, where you can connect with them and see regular job openings and other CA career updates in their posts. You can find them easily with a quick search for #BringWhatYouBring on your favorite social network.

Don’t limit your connections on professional networks such as LinkedIn to people you have worked or gone to school with. It’s wise to search for others with similar skillsets and recruiting professionals at the companies on your target employer list.  Pro tip: recruiting professionals have various titles that do not include the term “recruiter” – “talent acquisition,” “headhunter” and “sourcer” are all common versions of titles you should value in your professional network.

Connections are most valuable when you maintain and nurture them through discussion. Regularly sharing interesting thoughts on industry news and collaborating with others in your area of expertise will demonstrate a passion for your work and keep you top of mind for your connections. And don’t just share; add your thoughts and expertise to spark a conversation. If you enjoy writing, a LinkedIn article is an easy way to publish long-form thoughts on succeeding in your line of work. The point is to craft a strength-based narrative and authentically communicate your career identity. According to data expert Rachel Cohen and career counselor Rebecca L. Toporek, successful career narratives can be achieved through both positive and negative stories and experiences, which can shape strengths and assets2. Identify your career narrative by attaching your real-life successes and lessons to hot topics on your timeline.

Learn the key to keywords

Be sure to identify active, clear keywords to feature in your resume. Building a solid keyword list to describe your work value can be key to standing out and confidently communicating in interviews, cover letters and profile summaries. According to master resume writers, you can build a strong list of keywords by thinking through five distinct categories3:

  • Hard skills and factual data

Include words that demonstrate key skills that apply directly to your tactical work, such as “media buying,” “programming” or “web design,” but don’t forget the specifics like “HTML,” “Java” or “data analysis.” These keywords should be featured in your skill tags on your LinkedIn profile as well.

  • Soft skills and attributes

Think of how you work with others, and try to be more distinct than “team player.” Terms such as “networking,” “time management,” “critical thinking” and “conflict resolution” will stand out and clearly communicate those qualities that are difficult to display in a portfolio.

  • Employment details

Give specifics on the types of projects, products or services you’ve worked with. “Agile project management,” “DBaaS sales” or “gamification development” are more specific and intriguing than the same terms without descriptive adjectives. Additionally, list attributes of the industries of your professional experience. “Retail,” “transportation” or “finance” can go a long way in establishing yourself as a strong match for a role that prefers that background.

  • Education and training credentials

Give your schooling or certifications a plug wherever possible. You may have been an IT support technician for 10 years, but if you don’t have “A+” somewhere in your online profiles and in your resume, you risk getting missed on automated searches and algorithms that match talented people to open jobs.

  • General information

Are you passionate about a cause, volunteer in your community or have an interesting hobby? Sprinkle some of that personality into your online profile summary to stand out amongst your peers.

Don’t just list skills, show them

You’ve probably been asked to show ROI on something in your professional career, and the same principal applies to “showing your work” on your resume and in your online profiles. There are two key ways to do this.

First, on a resume, you should add a few stats that show the results of the efforts you’ve listed under each title. Whenever possible, those stats should include a business result. If you managed a team, what specific steps did you take to develop them and what percentage of your total headcount were promoted? If you were responsible for ordering supplies, what did you do to improve that process and what percentage of your budget was saved as a result? Data is everything; be concise and specific about your impact.

Second, when it comes to your public online profiles, include links to case studies, blogs, Slideshares, images, gits, or videos displaying your work. If you don’t currently have any relevant professional content like this, you may want to consider compiling a portfolio for this purpose.


You can find many more tips on resumes, job search and interviewing in our Candidate Toolkit.

If you’re interested in exploring careers with CA, search here or create a custom job alert to get notifications on sales roles that match your search.

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Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran

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  1. Macabe, M. (2017). Social media marketing strategies for career advancement: an analysis of Linkedin. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences,29(1), 85-89. Retrieved January 9, 2018. ISSN: 1099-5374
  2. Toporek, R. L., & Cohen, R. F. (2017). Strength-Based Narrative Résumé Counseling: Constructing Positive Career Identities from Difficult Employment Histories. The Career Development Quarterly,65(3), 222-236. doi:10.1002/cdq.12094
  3. Enelow, W. S., W, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW, & Kursmark, L., CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW. (n.d.). The Best Keywords for Resumes, Letters and Interviews: Powerful Words and Phrases for Landing Great Jobs! (2nd Edition). Career Planning & Adult Development Journal,33(3), 55-56. Retrieved January 9, 2018. ISSN: 0736-1920

How Veterans Empower Tech, Careers and Culture at CA Technologies

Veterans at CA Technologies share their stories, experiences and advice on military to civilian career success.

It’s now a well known fact that diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences powers business success. CA has known this for years, and one of the endeavor we’re most proud of in this arena is our effort to recruit and transition veterans into fruitful careers.

Last year CA received the 2016 Military Friendly Employer and Military Spouse Friendly Employer designation by Victory Media (publisher of G.I. Jobs® and Military Spouse) for the strength of our company wide military recruiting efforts, percentage of new hires with prior military service, retention programs for veterans, and company policies on National Guard and Reserve service. We also partner with and recruit from NPower, a non-profit committed to building brighter futures for military veterans by providing access and opportunity to tech skills to help them achieve their potential.  

In light of Veterans Day, and to further honor and appreciate our veterans, we’re sharing stories and advice from a few of our employees with military backgrounds. We received priceless nuggets of wisdom on:


Veterans at CA Technologies

James Kokoszynski, known to his colleagues as Jim or “Koko,” is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marines. The veterans at CA Technologies started an internal Veterans Diversity group in 2014, which consists of about 50 or so veterans globally, and which Jim is humbled to lead. “It’s more of an awareness.” he says. “It’s a small community within CA which provides relevant information. We use it as a source to share benefits information, upcoming events, etc. When we first kicked it off, I put up my OCS (Officer Candidate School) picture and where I served, and everyone else starting doing it too. There’s recognition and mutual respect. The recognition speaks volumes. It’s been nice for all of us. I’m not at every office to get to know everyone, but it brings us all together.”

Jim was able to help pull together an inspiring group of veterans for us to honor and to receive more first-hand insight into how they translate their value in a job hunt, build their career with their skills base, and enjoy their civilian roles.

Translating Skills for Your Resume and Interviews

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“The military experience I received has taught me to never quit, even when you are unsure of the outcome.”

~ Randall Cason, Customer Experience Representative, Global Customer Assistance

“I attribute all of my opportunity and success to my years in the military. There, I cultivated and refined my technical skills, developed discipline, learned the value of a team, and witnessed true professionalism. These experiences accumulated in my own personal toolbox. I employ these tools daily to shape my career at CA and to promote the success and security of CA and our customers.”

~ David B. MillerPrincipal Consultant, Services | MSGT(Ret) US Air Force/Air National Guard

“The Marine Corps taught me many lessons that I apply to this day in my civilian career. The most important however has been applying the Marines core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.  Honoring myself, my customers and my co-workers. Having the Courage to take chances. Lastly, Commitment to excellence. These three words have provided a foundation for who I am.”

~ Don Chastain, Sr Director Presales | USMC 1993 – 1999

“As a veteran I recommend that Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines exploit their leadership and technical proficiencies that the military provides and take advantage of transition services to hone your resume and interviewing skills. Also get or stay involved in veteran and professional organizations to keep your networking skills active. CA Technologies offers excellent opportunities for veterans to leverage their military expertise, especially uncompromising integrity and results-oriented expertise, both are crucial in CA’s DNA. Best of luck in the future!”

David Scarbalis, Advisor, DoD/Intel Enterprise Solutions | COL(Ret), US Army

“Military training teaches you to approach problems differently, pay attention to detail, and have a harder work ethic than most people. Companies like CA want people like that who are dedicated, hard working, and have integrity. Don’t think your military experiences, training, and way of thinking isn’t an asset, cause it is the greatest asset your bring to the table.”

~ Andrew SpearSoftware Engineer | Sgt. US Army National Guard

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“Being at CA, I use the military experience to help lead and resolve client technology business issues as well as being a voice of the client to CA to enhance and improve our relationship with our customers.”

Rodrick Penson, Sr Principal Consultant, Pre-Sales | Us Army and Army Reserve

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“The Army and Army Reserve prepared me for a career in challenging the status quo by instilling a clear focus on the mission and an emphasis on continual personal growth to adapt to an evolving set of challenges; never accepting complacency in one’s self or others.”

~ Joseph Valeriano, Principal Consultant, Agile Management Presales | Army MOS: 35N—Signals Intelligence Analyst

“It’s great to work for a company that values leadership skills, the same skills I honed while serving in the military. Veterans know how to get teams moving towards a common goal. CA provides veterans continuing opportunities to lead and this benefits everyone.”

~ Mark Turner, Sr. Engineer, SaaS Ops and Delivery | Former Cryptologic Technician (Collection), Second Class, U.S. Navy

Veterans at CA Technologies

“As part of an organization such as CA, an important part of reaching project milestones through to completion relies on everyone as employees communicating and working effectively together. When given a job to do, the military leadership holds you accountable to see it through, which is also important when working together and fulfilling your role on the team here at CA.”

Clifford Pinnock Jr., Principal, Platform Engineer | US Navy, Hospital Corpsman-FMF

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“My military experiences have shaped my civilian career today. It taught me discipline, organization, and respect for superiors.”

~ Dick Cermak, Sr Support Engineer | US Army, Specialist Fifth Class SP5


“The U.S. Marines provided me with a foundation for many things that transitioned into the civilian workforce, such as teamwork and mission accomplishment. Those are crucial elements to get things done in Corporate America. Another thing that has also had a huge impact on my professional development is having a positive attitude in the face of adversity. The best things in life certainly do not come easy. Attitude combined with initiative can make all the difference in the world, and I have certainly been blessed by allowing it to shape my world over the years.”

Brian Rayner, Solution Account Manager, Enterprise Management | US Marines

“My training and experience in the USAF shaped my ability to be a leader as well as a team member and remains the cornerstone for my business career. Fellow veterans, that same training and experience can be your cornerstone as well.”

Mark ShadaPrincipal Contracts Manager, Worldwide Law Dept. | Captain USAF 1973-1978

“The best advice I received upon retirement after 20 years in the Air Force and 4 wars came from a dear friend. She reminded me that my career in the Air Force uniquely prepared me for life in my civilian career.

The military provides a sense of purpose and ownership; we don’t have the luxury of waiting for someone else to do or handle the things we’re responsible for. It also teaches us to weigh the pro’s and con’s of a given situation, then make a decision based on our judgement. As a Senior NCO, I was given orders that needed to be carried out, both at peace and at war. My job was to determine how best to accomplish those orders and lead teams to successfully execute them. We train constantly, and we learn to respect the abilities and opinions of our teammates; we rely on each other, often with our lives, so we trust each other implicitly. The advice I was given was to hold on to the values I learned in the military, and to do my best to apply them in my civilian career. That advice has served me well in life and in my career at CA Technologies, and I advise my fellow former service members to heed it as well.”

Scott ScogginsServices Program Manager | MSgt USAF (ret)

“As an former Infantry officer with two combat tours cross collaboration is key. Working as a collective team, building plans where everyone understands their role & deliverable is key to winning. The same principals apply in the corporate world. Everyone has a role, leverage the greater team for the greater good of the mission. “

~ Steve Cantin, Solution Account Manager DevOps | Infantry Captain (ret)

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“This country wouldn’t be what it is today without the sacrifice of those that served.  CA has been great to me for the last 17 years.  The team work and “can do” attitude that we learn in the military is a huge benefit to CA.”

 ~ Jeff WolfePrincipal, Platform Engineer, GIS | SPC, US Army, Desert Storm

“It was a great honor to serve my country if only for a short time in the US Navy. It was a humbling experience to be a part of one of the greatest organizations on the planet…an organization full of people so committed to the cause of freedom, so full of pride for their country, and so willing to sacrifice so much to fight for what they believe in. The discipline that I learned while serving in the Navy and the level of integrity and personal accountability we were held to as part of the submarine crew has served me well in both life and in my career. I am grateful for the opportunity to have represented American and will never take for granted the remarkable men and women of the US Military.”

~ Rob Jenkins, Principal Business Tech Architect | US Navy

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“You have no control over how people will view you but you do have control over how you are seen.’ This quote came from one my mentors in the military and to this day I live by those words by taking charge of things I have control over.”

Ed Luna, Sr Principle Consultant | Sergeant USAF


Leadership Lessons From The Service

“I enjoy working here because of the flexibility. The Marine Corps is really small and you have a lot of latitude. I feel the same way at CA because I’m leading my people in the same way. There is no micromanaging. I want my team to have flexibility. I feel CA really encourages a situational awareness environment. I don’t know everything, just because I’m a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps doesn’t mean I know everything. There’s no way I know more than my architect who has 40 years in mainframe. I never will. I’ll just remove the roadblocks because that’s what leaders do.”

~ Jim Kokoszynski, VP, Software Engineering | Lt Col, US Marines, Retired

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“My service as a Combat Infantry soldier clearly had no direct link to a career in the Software business. However, the lessons learned, particularly about leadership during my time in service has been absolutely invaluable to me in my business career. Interestingly, many of our DNA attributes at CA are also key attributes for a soldier. ‘Uncompromising Integrity” resonates the most in that respect, and I’m proud to work for a company that lives up to their word by creating a performance-based culture, investing in quality employee development programs such as the Leadership Development Program, staying on mission, and honoring our commitments to customers, employees, and shareholders.”

Rob Esdale, Director, CA Services Enterprise Management Practice | SGT, US Army, 101st Airborne Division


Veterans’ #LifeAtCA

“My military experience showed me know that that I can do anything that I put my mind to. When I started CA in Jan 2000, I was at crossroads as to what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I started out as the receptionist to get my foot in the door at CA. I took night classes and obtained my undergraduate and graduate degree while at CA. I had some awesome managers who asked me what I wanted to do once I graduated and had that open communication. I moved up from the receptionist, Facilities Admin, Customer Information Specialist, Financial Contract Analyst and now I manage a team of 8 Contract Managers. I enjoy seeing the company do well and knowing I helped in some form or way. CA has helped shape my career and I am thankful for the opportunity they have afforded me to work for such a company who values Veterans.”

~ Wendy BeamManager, Financial Contracts | Specialist, Army National Guard

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“CA has been the most military friendly company I’ve ever worked for. They’ve given me as much time as needed to complete my reserve duties no questions asked. They’ve gone way beyond the requirement of the law and it’s greatly appreciated by this veteran.”

Lowell H Higley, Sr Principal Product Manager | Major, US Air Force Reserve (retired)

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“Serving my country in the United States Air Force was my honor and privilege. It provided the opportunity to expand my personal borders physically, emotionally and spiritually. CA has provided continuing evolvement by providing a culture that allows me to continue to retain the meaningfulness of my military years; recapturing the challenge of working with brilliant people to solve big problems whose scope exceeds any personal gain.”

~Doris J. Wilkerson, Principal, Business Insight Analyst | Veteran, United States Air Force

“The US Armed Forces, at its core, is a meritocracy; you are judged on your abilities, not your race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other categorization. A core value instilled in me during my time at the US Air Force Academy and on active duty in the US Air Force was Mutual Respect. I deeply believe CA Technologies embraces this core value. WE are stronger because of our diversity, not in spite of it.”

~ Matthew MillerSr. Principal Consultant, Presales | Captain, US Air Force (former)

“I am grateful to work for a company like CA Technologies that actively seeks veterans and promotes the concept of leaders at every level. I witness the Air Force Core Values that I lived and breathed for over 20 years every day while working on projects that are aimed at making our customers successful. I am proud to be a part of the CA Team.”

Janice R. Johnson, Senior Project Manager | Lt Col, Air Force, Retired

“It’s not easy for a Veteran to transition into the civilian workforce or life style. With employers like CA opening up opportunities to Veterans, appreciating what we sacrificed for our country and the skills we can bring into an organization; it helps to ease the burden and anxiety that can be associated with moving away from a military career. It has been said “Our veterans accepted the responsibility to defend America and uphold our values when duty called.”  At CA we promote accepting responsibility, adhering to a higher ethical standard and answering the call when our Clients need us.”

Darryl MeadeFinancial Contracts Analyst | Personnelmen First Class (Surface Warfare), Retired U.S. Navy  5/25/79 – 5/31/99

“CA is developing a culture starting with good core leadership with relevant goals and values, as well as a solid infrastructure in world class products and middle management team. Along with the innovative staff, whether it’s Research and Development, or other company employees or troops that believe in the mission or products, all of which can make any company or form of Military apparatus thrive or succeed.”

~ Tom Boyd, Principal Software Engineer | US Navy – Boatswain Mate Second Class

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“CA has always fostered an atmosphere of support, dedication and career growth for our military veterans. As a veteran and current military spouse, CA leadership has also provided unwavering support for the CA military family.”

~ Marie Purucker, Principal, Customer Experience Manager | Veteran (Desert Storm), U.S. Air Force

“As a Vietnam War era veteran I have seen respect and appreciation for our military grow tremendously over the past several decades. Veterans come uniquely qualified to perform many different types of jobs, and it is both encouraging and satisfying to work for CA where we can contribute and continue to serve as we did during our military careers.”

~ Cary F. Andrews, Director, Practice Services | U.S. Navy EM1(SS), 2/72-7/81

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“I have found that the qualities that I learned in the military such as Leadership, Teamwork, Loyalty and taking care of your troops work just as well in a corporate environment. I find that military veterans typically turn out to be outstanding employees and always like to give them an opportunity. I love that fact that CA recognizes our military veterans and actively supports them during deployments.”

~ Doug Milligan, Sr Director Employee Education | Sgt, US Army Airborne, Desert Storm Veteran

Veterans Day CA Technologies

“I am proud to be a Veteran as well as an employee of CA. My years in the military helped develop the discipline and drive to get the job done correctly and quickly. CA recognizes these positive traits and recognizes those that have served. Thank you, CA.”

Bob Galella, Principal Support Engineer | Petty Officer 2nd Class US Navy

“CA recognizes the skills and value that veterans offer. The corporate culture, competitive spirit and mission focus that is shared by the leadership and employees of CA, make it a perfect environment for veterans to excel and succeed. This is why I have chosen to pursue my civilian career goals with CA.”

Pete GrellDirector, Corporate Aviation | LTCol USMCR Ret.

“The military focuses on the same essential building blocks as CA. ‘We’ are self-aware, authentic, customer- centric, creative, agile, resilient, results-oriented, collaborative, socially aware with uncompromising integrity….always. CA is a company any veteran should be proud to work for.”

~ Pamela Zeberlein, Advisor, Business Analysis | MSgt, US Air Force Reserve, Retired

“I enjoy working at CA as I enjoy the culture and the work I do. I feel like I am actually making a real impact on the success of my team and the success of the CA Unified Infrastructure Manager product.”

~ Mike Hake, Sr Software Engineer | US Marine Corps, F-18 Aircraft Avionics Technician

“CA was incredibly supportive. When I was activated to leave for 9 months in Iraq, I had to turn in my laptop and my badge, and not only are you leaving your family at home, but also your friends and colleagues at work which was very difficult. But everyone from my manager and co-workers were really supportive of me and my family when I was gone. I received care packages from different departments, and my department signed a CA flag with some well wishes on it which I brought to Iraq. When I got back they were incredibly welcoming to me. There was a welcome sign in the lobby my first day back with balloons. My position was held for me, my office was how I left it. I got my laptop back and my badge. I resumed my duties. I picked right up where I left off. My workload was shared across the department, everyone stepped up while I was gone. The entire company has been very supportive.”

~ Dan Kolenda, VP, Business Practices & Compliance | LTCol, US Army Reserves

 Veterans at CA Technologies


Dan also wanted to add how CA supports the veteran community by giving back. We have partnered with the Scott Rigsby Foundation to help sponsor a family weekend for the families of wounded warriors, and for the last 10 years our sales organization in the Northeast has sponsored a golf tournament with customers, partners, and CA employees for Adopt-a-platoon, which delivers care packages to troops overseas. “The fact that CA is so supportive of our military and our veterans, makes me proud to be an employee here. And it’s clearly one of the reasons why I love being here and plan to stay,” he says.

MFECA Technologies has been named a
2016 Military Friendly® Employer!


Recently CA Technologies partnered with the American Red Cross and the VA Hospital of New York City on the Lower East side of Manhattan to host a Job Search Tips and Tricks workshop for local veterans. Through this two day workshop, CA colleagues were able to build relationships with the men and women who served our country, hear each of their stories, and assist them in working towards the next steps in their professional career.

“Not all employers do what CA does,” says Kolenda. “It shows our support and recognition for those who have made this country what it is. Hopefully it encourages others to be like CA. It’s welcoming to see that CA appreciates and seeks out those who have those military experiences and those unique skillsets.”

Happy Veterans Day to our honored service men and women!


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4 Tips to Make the Most of GHC 17

Grace Hopper Celebration CA Technologies

Take your Grace Hopper experience to the next level with these tips.

Are you packing up and heading to GHC 17? Well you’re certainly not alone. The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists, with more than 18,000 attending this year. There’s so much to learn and so many inspiring women to meet that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. I’ve compiled some tips and lessons I’ve learned through my experiences and observations in years past to help you navigate and make the most of your time.


Download the app

Big paper programs are a huge hassle in a bustling environment that requires your full, heads-up attention. The Grace Hopper Celebration 17 app is going to save your sanity this week. I like to use the app to build my own schedule, easily pull up maps, and get any important, in-the-moment announcements that may come through.

Note: To use the app, you’ll need to log in with your Last Name and personal password (this is NOT your registration number, like I thought… whoops!). If you did not receive an invitation with your login info for the app, you can request it by going through those options in the sign up. Be sure to check your spam! The email will come from spotme.com.


Prioritize your objectives

Are you looking for a job? Networking? Learning? Gaining leadership development? Think about what your main objective is for Grace Hopper and plan first around this. You can start by planning your personal agenda in the app. Luckily the huge agenda can be filtered by track, like “Career” or “Interactive Media”. Filtering by tracks can help you find the perfect schedule to reach your top GHC 17 goals. Be sure to save a few hours to explore the Expo!

CA Technologies Recruiters at Grace Hopper Celebration


Divide up your Expo time

The Expo is probably the most interactive part of the event. You’ll not only get to meet great tech employers, like CA Technologies, but you also get to do tons of fun activities and pick up some fab swag. You will have chargers, pens and notebooks for days! This being said, the combination of input overload and endless walking can drain you pretty quickly. I suggest planning 1-2 hours per expo day to tackle a section of the map. And if you’re not particularly interested in engaging with a booth as you check it out, don’t feel bad moving along. You’ll want to save your energy and attention for the groups you want to speak with most. Oh, and pro-tip… make one last swing around in the last hour of the expo on Friday to see who’s giving their extra stuff away. #winning

Unleash the inner Grace in you!

If you’re looking for a fun social media activity to share online with friends while you’re here, come see me at Booth #2422. We believe you should  #BringWhatYouBring to innovate in the field of technology. Whatever quirky skill, experience, background or hobby you bring to the table to help solve problems for a diverse set of users,  come by  and add it to our giant #BringWhatYouBring chalkboard and snap a selfie! I’m always up for a photo bomb.

And don’t forget to join our Talent Community at the booth to receive a free “Amazing Grace” GHC 2017 tee! Our exclusive design is an homage to the barrier breaking ideas of Grace Hopper, and her inspirationally audacious attitude toward those who told her it couldn’t be done.

grace hopper celebration 2017 CA Technologies t-shirt grey

Them: “Hey, computers can only do arithmetic!”

Grace Hopper: “Deal with it.” ?


If you’d like more information on GHC 17, the best resource is their website. If you’d like to know more about CA’s partnership with with Grace Hopper Celebration, and learn about the some of the women who work at CA visit our #GHC17 page. You can also tweet us for more info about #LifeAtCA during the event @CA_Careers, or follow our Instagram feed at @lifeatca.


Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran

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Pet Benefits for CA Employees!

Pet benefits at CA Technologies

CA Technologies offers best-in-breed Pet Benefits for employees’ fur babies!

In addition to our popular benefits for parents, did you know that CA has pet benefits for pet parents? CA employees can take time to appropriately welcome the addition (paw-ternity leave, if you will) or to grieve the death of their beloved animal friends. We will also send a special gift bundle to welcome new fur babies to #LifeAtCA, at the employee’s request.

pet benefits at CA
Chief People & Places Officer Guy Di Lella understands how important it is to foster relationships between pets and their people by giving them time to bond, and this benefit is another way CA is continuing to develop family-friendly benefits to make the company an even greater place to work.

“One of the most effective ways we can make our customers successful is through the strength of our people — by attracting, developing and retaining the right people to achieve our Mission; by being a great place to work; and by creating an environment that marries hard-charging DNA with a little fun,” Guy said in a recent note to employees.

Here are the details:

  • If you get a new a pet that would benefit from special parent-pet bonding time, you may take up to 3 fully paid days off.
  • If you get a new pet (or got a new pet since the beginning of 2016), you can receive a CA-branded “pet bundle” to welcome your newest addition to the CA family!
  • If you are faced with the unfortunate loss of a beloved pet, you may take up to 3 fully paid days off to help grieve and deal with your loss.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the happy CA pet pics on social media! Tag yours with #LifeAtCA so we can share the love.

Are you interested in working for a company that values your commitment to your furry family members? Search our open jobs or join our Talent Community to receive updates on jobs that match your skills and interests.

Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran

A Day In The Life At CA: Digital Sales Account Owner

Life at CA Digital Sales Account Owner

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Digital Sales Account Owner at CA Technologies?

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you insight on these key facts from the perspective of a real CA employee. This Digital Sales Account Owner profile is part of our new careers blog series “A Day In The Life At CA”.


Meet David

Digital Sales Account Owner David Hardy is what we like to call a “boomerang”. After working with CA for five years, David left to join another company. However, David says he jumped at the opportunity to return in a business development role, supporting our Global Service Providers, “which I was very excited about, regretted leaving frankly”.

Life At CA - Business Development
David Hardy shows off his creative side with hobbies that include photography, digital and video!

David shared with us that his decision to return to CA is often justified through his experiences.

“CA management and co-workers are there when you go through a family crisis, be it a family member, health issue, or otherwise.  I had the occasion to experience this first hand and it really cemented my conviction that CA is the best company to work for (even with our areas to improve, which we are always working at).”


David’s Career Story

In 2003, David joined CA Technologies in his first role as a member of the Brightstor storage products team. In his new role, which began in 2011, David provides support for CA global service provider partners. This was initially IBM Global Services for four years, and David is now a part of the HP Enterprises Services team.

These roles make a huge impact on our global offerings. “I develop sales opportunities to partner with our service provider partners on CA solutions that are a white space for them. These partnerships help to complement their offerings, grow revenue while growing CA’s market presence.”


David’s #LifeAtCA

So why does David love his job?

“Working with awesome people and meeting new contacts over the phone. Helping to bring people, client requirements and solutions together! Every day is a different adventure!”

David is also a pretty big fan of CA’s new Tampa, FL office, where he is based. “Our new office has the most awesome view – the best of any company that I’ve worked for in my career! It also has a great layout and location (even with the traffic)!”

Life At CA Business Development Tampa View
View of Tampa, FL from our offices.


The Life of a Digital Sales Account Owner

A typical workday for David includes working from home one day a week (gotta love that flexibility!). He enjoys starting his day with a review of updates from his team and the company, through our internal social collaboration sites and emails, and greeting his local co-workers with fresh coffee in hand. This sets him up for success to dive into collaboration with the sales team and research to help his global service provider account discussions more effective.

“Lunch is often had in our kitchen room with a view, then enjoying a walk through downtown Tampa or along the Tampa Riverwalk.”

Tampa Riverwalk
The beautiful Tampa Riverwalk is just steps from David’s CA offices.

In the afternoon, David serves our customers and partners with discovery meetings, demos, and various other partnership activities.

“Training is also a part of many days, ‘sharpening the saw’ on product knowledge and skills to improve.”


David’s Career Advice

We asked David what you should know if you’re considering a career with CA Technologies.

“CA is a 30 year old company, which is not really new. Today though, CA has the startup attitude, with exciting new products, organically grown software and connected in to the application economy.”

We couldn’t have said it better. Thanks to David for sharing his Day in the #LifeAtCA in Business Development!

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Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran

Build an Agile Career Path to Find Your Dream Job

Agile Career Path

How to use agile methodologies in your work life to maintain an agile career.

An “agile career path” might sound like an oxymoron to some. Careers are often thought of as a straight ladder of successive promotions, with a clear beginning and end. But if you look at someone in the top of your field, you’d likely notice a professional history that looks more like a zig-zagged staircase. If you read some of our Day in the #LifeAtCA blog series, you’ll see stories from many CA employees who took on different, lateral challenges for many years to create a strong base for becoming a well-rounded and savvy leader. There are a few different agile-inspired ways you can forge an impressive career.

Defining Your User Story

 Perhaps you’ve heard interview feedback along the lines of whether you were a good “fit” for the role. In that feedback, what were the skills that stood out and which ones were missing? What could you learn or experience to help you check all the boxes for that next promotion?

The first thing you should consider is which roles or departments closely work with yours, but are currently outside of your skillset and experience. If you’re a database engineer, this might include user experience designers or product marketing. Finance graduates trying their hands in planning may also be interested in revenue.  A public relations professional may find social media interesting. No matter the specifics, you should learn what skill gaps you need to overcome and consider the investment it would require to do so. For example:

  • Go to a community college or university to obtain a certificate or additional degree. Don’t forget to ask your employer if they provide tuition reimbursement!
  • Take an online course from a service like CodeSchool, Lynda or YouTube. You can even visit the website for a tool you’d like to become proficient in, as many of these companies provide free tutorial videos.
  • Learn how to become involved in any in-house development programs provided by your employer. For example, CA Technologies offers its employees an award-winning Leadership Development Program and a massive list of online learning courses.
  • Seek out a mentor or participate in online forums focused on your new professional interest.

Impediments and Solutions

 Sometimes a good lateral move is created out of a need to solve a problem. You may have heard a story or two of someone demonstrating a clever way to save money or time in their job and being asked to implement it full-time. Those lightbulb moments are rarely a matter of chance; they tend to come from those who are consistently relentless in identifying problems and figuring out a solution. You may not consciously be scanning your organization or personal work patterns for inefficiencies, but cultivating self-awareness will bring the realizations to mind. You should practice thinking through how you would solve any issues you come across naturally in the workplace. When you finally see that problem for which you have the perfect solution, consider these points to prepare for presenting your clever idea to the boss:

  • Will it save money? How much? How would you measure that?
  • Will it save time (and will that in turn, save money)?
  • Is it something you could implement? If it is a small project, offer to add it to your current to-do list. If it’s going to be a full-time job, you may want to take the plunge and propose a new role for yourself.

Iterative Career Developments

Surprise! A job opening has suddenly captured your eye.  Maybe it’s the exact job you’ve been hoping and training for, or maybe it’s one you never thought about doing until now. What next? Let’s break it down.

If the job opening is at your current company:

Get familiar with the internal transfer process and rules. Many employers give stipulations around length and review scores in your current role. You should also inform your manager that you intend to apply to the role before taking any steps. Be sure to ask for advice from your manager on how to proceed.

If the job opening is at another company:

This is a great time to refresh your resume with your new skills and experience and ensure that your goals are made apparent and relevant. Do your research on Glassdoor, the potential company’s website, and market salary averages. List pros and cons for the new opportunity vs your career path capability at your current company.

No matter how you find the opportunity to flex your resume, it’s all about adding valuable features to reach your goals. As CA’s Rebecca Taylor says, “Don’t plan your career too much – just do something you find interesting, be curious, and take every opportunity you can.”

Looking for your next best agile career move at CA Technologies? Search jobs now.

Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran

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Added Benefits for Breastfeeding Working Mothers at CA Technologies

The benefits for new parents at CA Technologies never cease to amaze me. We have beautiful, roomy Wellness Rooms that are private and secure, ensuring a peaceful and welcoming space for pumping. Also, if your child attends a CA Montessori school, you can even take a break from your desk to cuddle and feed them anytime! But I must say, the policy to reimburse breastfeeding working mothers to ship their milk during business trips is one that is particularly unique and applause-worthy. I often write blogs about our work culture through the eyes of various CA employees, but this shipping reimbursement benefit hit a close, personal note for me.

It has been a while now (and a few employers ago) since I was a has-milk-will-travel mamma, but I very clearly remember the frustration involved. I kept a stiff upper lip and only asked for the accommodations I absolutely needed from my employer because it seemed like so few people had been through or understood all of the roadblocks one encounters when facing the demands of both exclusively breastfeeding and traveling for work.

Breastfeeding Working Mothers
The early days of figuring out the balance of exclusively breastfeeding and working full time.

Much more distinct than the fear of forgetting to pack storage bags or a crucial pump part (no, well-meaning and clever co-worker, I can not use an oil funnel instead), was the dread of flying back home. This experience very much hinges on the country, the airport, and the security agent you’ll be dealing with. I had a pretty good routine, understood the policies of the facility, and was prepared with remarks and a printed out set of guidelines from the TSA website for various levels of unwarranted pushback I’d receive:

“This is more than 3.4 oz.”

Yes, it is. I’m allowed to have an exception for breast milk.

“Why do you have all of this breast milk, but no baby with you?”

That’s exactly why I have so much. The baby is not here to drink it, so I needed to pump.

“I have to X-ray the liquids.”

I’d rather you not, but I can pour out a small amount into a separate container for you to test and dispose of.

“You’ll have to check these.”

I’m actually allowed to have this as a carry-on, along with the ice packs. Can you please confirm this with your supervisor?

After a few rounds of this, I figured it would be easier to just ship it back home on dry ice. Then I realized that after the weight of the 5-9 lbs of dry ice needed, on top of the several ounces of milk involved, this could cost around $30-$100 to ship. That adds up!

So, as we enter World Breastfeeding Week, I want to give a special kudos to CA for taking a deeper look into the various needs of working parents and going above-and-beyond to help them balance it all a little more comfortable!

Learn more about benefits for new parents at CA Technologies here > .

Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran

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Geek Pride Day is Every Day at CA Technologies

geek pride day 2017 ca technologies

We love May 25th, but every day is Geek Pride Day at CA Technologies!

Geek Pride Day 2017 CA Technologies

We’re a company that builds software, so of course we love geek culture. That’s a given. But one of the most fun parts about working at a tech company is finding out the true fellow geekiness of your coworkers in every segment of the business. At CA Technologies, we have an HRBP who loves cosplay, a principal digital marketer with a love for gaming, a finance associate who loves D&D, a sales manager with a desk decked out in everything Star Wars, and a lady with purple hair who, in her personal brand training sessions, makes way too many references to building an RPG class (oh wait, that’s me).

Geek Pride Day 2017 CA TechnologiesGeek Pride Day 2017 CA Technologies

Geek Pride Day is one of those obscure observances that not many know about, but has a unique significance to its celebrators. Times have truly changed for many of us who, in our younger years, experienced ridicule for our geeky pastimes or hid them altogether. It’s a relief to see our kids supported and encouraged in their interests, hobbies and passions while at the same time not being held to a label by enjoying them openly. We can celebrate Geek Pride Day today knowing that they won’t have to wait until adulthood – be it university dorms, work, or online groups – to find a place of belonging in their geekiness like we did.

Geek Pride Day 2017 CA Technologies

We share our geek pride every day in our workspaces, and we’ve built up a collection of #LifeAtCA pictures like these from CA offices around the world over the past few years. But the images added here are just a few.

Geek Pride Day 2017 CA Technologies

Do you have a great #GeekPrideDay office pic to add? Share it with us on Instagram or Twitter by using the hashtag #LifeAtCA!

Geek Pride Day 2017 CA Technologies

BONUS Geek Pride Day Quiz!

Geek Pride Day 2017 CA Technologies



  1. In what country did Geek Pride Day originate?
  2. Which geek cult classic’s release date was the inspiration for Geek Pride Day’s spot on the calendar?
  3. What household item is carried by geeks worldwide today? Hint: It’s a Hitchhikers’s Guide to the Galaxy Reference.



  1. Spain
  2. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  3. Towel


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What Makes CA One of the World’s Most Ethical Companies?

World's Most Ethical Companies CA Technologies

CA Technologies is listed amongst the World’s Most Ethical Companies; recognition from Ethisphere honors those companies who lead with integrity and align principle with action.

Today we’re pleased to announced that CA Technologies has, for the second year in a row, been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, listed amongst the 2017 World’s Most Ethical Companies. We’re also one of only 3 winners in the Software and Services category, which underscores our continued commitment to leading ethical business standards and practices.


“Companies that want to succeed in the Application Economy – where the world becomes smaller and customers grow more savvy every day – must focus on operating their businesses with the highest ethical standards. We know that to effectively build long-term partnerships with our customers, a foundation of trust is fundamental. That requires an unwavering commitment to conducting ourselves with integrity in every aspect of our business.  Without a strong ethical base, companies simply cannot last. We are proud of everything we do, but we are also proud that we do everything the right way.”

~ Mike Gregoire, CEO


Twenty-seventeen is the eleventh year that Ethisphere has honored those companies who recognize their role in society to influence and drive positive change, consider the impact of their actions on their employees, investors, customers and other key stakeholders and use their values and culture as an underpinning to the decisions they make every day.

The World’s Most Ethical Company assessment is based upon the Ethisphere Institute’s Ethics Quotient® (EQ) framework which offers a quantitative way to assess a company’s performance in an objective, consistent and standardized way. The information collected provides a comprehensive sampling of definitive criteria of core competencies, rather than all aspects of corporate governance, risk, sustainability, compliance and ethics.

Scores are generated in five key categories: ethics and compliance program (35%), corporate citizenship and responsibility (20%), culture of ethics (20%), governance (15%) and leadership, innovation and reputation (10%) and provided to all companies who participate in the process.


“CA is honored to once again be named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute. We believe that a strong ethical foundation within our company is the best way to help ensure sustainable business success. This recognition would not have been possible without the positive contributions to our ethical culture from our employees – all of whom should take pride in being included on this year’s list.”

~ Joel Katz, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer


This year, 124 companies were designated as World’s Most Ethical Companies. These companies represent 52 industry sectors headquartered in 19 countries. The full list of the 2017 World’s Most Ethical Companies can be found at http://worldsmostethicalcompanies.ethisphere.com/honorees/.

Best practices and insights from the 2017 honorees will be released in a series of infographics and research throughout the year (view or download the 2016 insights). Organizations interested in how they compare to the World’s Most Ethical Companies are invited to participate in the Ethics Quotient.