Appreciating Our Employees All Year Long


The professional working world has dramatically changed over the last thirty years. Stuffy suit-and-tie work environments have been replaced with the comfortable and ever practical business casual, strict hours of 9-5 have been interrupted by flexible work schedules, and it is not entirely uncommon for the office break room to offer the occasional adult beverage. Additionally, most drastically, and potentially most importantly, the success of a company has become heavily dependent on the happiness of its employees.

At CA, we are fully indebted to our 10,000+ employees globally, as they are the sole reason we continue to thrive in this ever-changing application economy. As a Fortune 1000, we have learned we are no longer only competing with the biggest names in the industry for clientele, but also for the best talent to join our team.

Like any life situation, if someone is unhappy it is likely they will make the change to remove the unhappiness from their life. A work environment is no different. If an employee is unhappy, they will look elsewhere for a job. At CA, retention is incredibly important, as is overall employee satisfaction, and because of this, we have created a number of programs and initiatives throughout the various regions to give back to our employees and show our appreciation for all that they do.

In the North America specifically, one of the best ways we feel we can show appreciation for our employees is by offering flexibility and empowerment.  No one should ever be denied the right to take leave from the workplace, whether it’s to go on an epic adventure or tend to more a personal matter. CA Technologies does not have a cap on vacation time and we do not track via any formal system. Instead, we treat employees as adults, and as professionals, because we truly believe they are driven to achieve their goals and objectives and can deliver better results when our workplace allows them to meet both their personal needs and professional objectives.

Connie Smallwood, our VP of Innovations and University programs recently became a first-time parent, and according to her, having paid time off, without having to worry about her job or income, was invaluable. “My management team was extremely supportive of my leave and, even though I know I was missed, I came back to not only my old job but also increased responsibility. My career continued to progress. It was as if I never left!”

Our employees can also take advantage of flexibility options and work-life programs. Almost all CA employees have significant flexibility in their work schedule and 30% of North American employees formally participate in our full-time telecommuting or work-from-home program. In fact, during our most recent employee opinion survey, 93% of female employees in the US responded that their immediate manager supports their efforts to balance their work and personal life.

Kristen Malzone is the Senior Community Program Analyst for CA in North America and is currently planning her wedding while working full time. “Planning a wedding is not easy. Some say it’s a full-time job in itself! And, to be honest – I’d have to agree. Working in a flexible work environment has been extremely helpful during the planning process. Every girl deserves to be able to plan the wedding of her dreams. It’s an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) opportunity. Wedding businesses are either slammed or unavailable on the weekends, so you have to schedule the majority of your appointments during the week. My boss and the team have been extremely supportive and flexible. I feel really lucky to work on a team that allows me to balance my work life and personal life. You hear work-life balance a lot when talking to recruiters. But, CA actually practice what they preach.”

We are very proud that we are able to offer our employees a work environment in which they do not feel restricted or limited.  Our workforce is the reason we have maintained steady success over the years, and it is our responsibility as an employer to do whatever is within our means to keep them here and keep them happy. We pride ourselves on not only being a Fortune 1000 but being a Fortune 1000 with a start-up mentality.

Happy Employee Appreciation Week to all of our amazing employees at CA Technologies! Thank you for all that you do!


Andrea Dooley Sr. Marketing Specialist Talent Acquisition

Andrea Dooley
Sr. Marketing Specialist
Talent Acquisition

A Great Place to Work

How To: 6 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week

How To: 6 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week

Try these easy, inexpensive and fun ideas for Employee Appreciation gifts this year!

Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner, and is celebrated on various dates throughout the month of March. At CA Technologies we like to celebrate for a whole week, with many planned activities March 7-11! This is the perfect time for managers to thank their teams around the world for their contributions, hard work and dedication.

This year, we decided to create some pinnable projects that you can either follow exactly or use for inspiration in your own unique gift plans. Each of our six easy gift ideas come with a printable PDF file for our CA exclusive pun-ny cards and simple instructions.

All of these gift ideas will require scissors, a hole puncher, ribbon of your choice (or rubber bands in a pinch), and some thicker-than-standard copy paper for a color printer (we used inexpensive matte photo paper in our examples). A few additional supplies are listed with each project.


Each project includes the use of our custom Employee Appreciation Week cards, which print six to a page. The files do not include grid lines, so no need to cut perfectly. Just print, cut, punch and string!

Print PDFPunch HoleHow To: 7 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation WeekString ribbon through


Donuts How To: 6 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week
#1 Donut Know What We’d Do Without You!

Estimated cost: $10 USD each

Estimated time: 10 minutes each


      • Scissors
      • Hole Puncher
      • Ribbon
      • Thick copy paper
      • Decorative glass or plastic jar
      • Donuts


      • Clean container(s) and fill with mini donuts or donut holes
      • Print the Donut Know PDF (6 cards per printout)
      • Cut into 6 cards
      • Hole punch at the guide dot
      • Write personal note on the back of the card
      • String ribbon through the hole
      • Tie ribbon around the neck of the container

SuppliesJarSupplies Donuts



Notebooks How To: 6 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week
#2 Take Note

Estimated cost: $10-$15 USD each

Estimated time: 12 minutes each


      • Scissors
      • Hole Puncher
      • Ribbon (optional)
      • Thick copy paper
      • Set of notebooks
      • 3 rubber bands


      • Stack notebooks
      • Print the Take Note PDF (6 cards per printout)
      • Cut into 6 cards
      • Hole punch at the guide dot
      • Write personal note on the back of the card
      • String ribbon through the hole
      • Cross two rubber bands around the length and width of the notebooks
      • Loop another rubber band through the card and pull through. Next, loop the other end through the cross section of rubber bands on the notebooks. Take the open end and stretch to wrap around the card and pull.
      • NOTE: The rubber bands can be switched or covered by ribbon instead!

SuppliesNotebooksSupplies 3 Rubber BandsStepsTakeNote1stepnotefinal


Thanks A Latte How To: 6 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week
#3 Thanks A Latte

Estimated cost: $10 USD each

Estimated time: 8 minutes each


      • Scissors
      • Hole Puncher
      • Ribbon
      • Thick copy paper
      • Coffee mug
      • Kcups


      • Clean mug(s) and fill with kcups
      • Print the Thanks A Latte PDF (6 cards per printout)
      • Cut into 6 cards
      • Hole punch at the guide dot
      • Write personal note on the back of the card
      • String ribbon through the hole
      • Tie ribbon around the handle of the mug


SCENTsational How To: 6 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week
#4: SCENTsational

Estimated cost: $6 USD each

Estimated time: 5 minutes each


      • Scissors
      • Hole Puncher
      • Ribbon
      • Thick copy paper
      • Scented candle


      • Clean container(s) and fill with cookies
      • Print the SCENTsational PDF (6 cards per printout)
      • Cut into 6 cards
      • Hole punch at the guide dot
      • Write personal note on the back of the card
      • String ribbon through the hole
      • Tie ribbon around the neck of the candle


Planter How To: 6 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week
#5 Helping Us Grow

Estimated cost: $8 USD each

Estimated time: 10 minutes each


      • Scissors
      • Hole Puncher
      • Ribbon
      • Thick copy paper
      • Gift wrap tissue
      • Small Planter
      • Various snacks


      • Clean planter(s) and fill halfway with crumpled tissue
      • Print the Grow PDF (6 cards per printout)
      • Cut into 6 cards
      • Hole punch at the guide dot
      • Write personal note on the back of the card
      • String ribbon through the hole
      • Tie (or glue) ribbon around the top of the container
      • Fill with snacks



Smart Cookie How To: 6 Easy Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week
#6 Smart Cookie

Estimated cost: $10 USD each

Estimated time: 10 minutes each


      • Scissors
      • Hole Puncher
      • Ribbon
      • Thick copy paper
      • Decorative glass or plastic jar
      • Donuts


      • Clean container(s) and fill with cookies
      • Print the Smart Cookie PDF (6 cards per printout)
      • Cut into 6 cards
      • Hole punch at the guide dot
      • Write personal note on the back of the card
      • String ribbon through the hole
      • Tie ribbon around the neck of the container



We had so much fun making these employee appreciation projects! However, we know not everyone enjoys crafts. Here are some other great ideas for showing your appreciation to your team and colleagues:

  • Above and Beyond Awards
  • eCards
  • eCertificates
  • Post a thank you or share a story using the social media functionality
  • Leave a thank you message on voicemail for someone
  • Consider a potluck team lunch, where everyone brings in a dish to share
  • Post a thank you note on someone’s cube/door
  • Acknowledge and congratulate someone on their Career Anniversary
  • Recognize those who serve in the community

At CA, we believe employee engagement is critical to our success as a company, and we hope these ideas have inspired you to do the same. Be sure to share your Employee Appreciation Week pictures with us on social with #LifeAtCA!

Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran







4 Things That Will Stop You From Being A Personal Branding Novice

What is Personal Branding?

We often come across the term “Branding” in our day-to-day life but not all of us understand what it means nor its impact on our lives. Many of you may think that “Branding” is a marketing jargon for commercial products or services but the truth is, we all are “Brands” and guess what – your own brand already exists and is known to your own networks and probably to the wider audiences. Have you ever considered your own personal brand? Have you ever googled yourself? It’s vitally important in this digital age to find out what your own personal brand looks like online, analyze what you should do to sustain, improve or reposition it.

Social media is a key player in the job search process today. Personal branding may provide potential employers the opportunity to more accurately judge a candidate’s abilities and cultural suitability. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the confines of a résumé, cover letter, or interview – while they offer job seekers the opportunity to learn about companies they’re interested in; connect with current and former employees; and hear about job openings instantaneously, among other things.

It’s extremely important to maintain a decent image on social media – decent enough to get hired. Here are 4 things to think about when you are looking at improving your own personal brand online:

1. Who and what can people see on your social media profiles?
We all know that we are on Facebook/Instagram etc. to connect with our friends/loved ones but what we ignore is the fact that the same profile is being looked at by many unknown people who are probably creating their very first impression about us; and who knows one of our top favorite employers might be looking at our “not – so – sober” pictures from last night’s party. Moreover, there is a reason why there is something called “privacy settings” on our social media profiles.

2. Read again before you click “post”
The next time you update your Facebook status or post a tweet, make sure you give it a good read. Ensure there are no grammatical errors; undo poor language; and most importantly make sure that you use the rule of the 3P’s (be Positive, Professional and Personal) because believe it or not, one careless social media status update might cost you your dream job offer.

3. How and what are you engaging with on Social Media?
Not everyone will know what content you like and who you follow but someone who is trying to dig deep into our profiles will notice it within the first few seconds. By analyzing the content that you like and share as well as the types of accounts you follow and like, people will make a judgement of your interests. Engaging with content and accounts related to your current employee, co-workers and particular industry you’re in shows how passionate you are about your job. On the other hand, being a software engineer while having a Facebook wall full of over-the-top fun pictures, with no engagement or following of any tech related group/articles may give off a bad first impression when a recruiter is looking at your profile.

4. Be yourself when creating your brand identity
Last but not the least; never forget that social media is there to leverage your “personal brand”. Establishing a brand identity requires something distinctive. The key to personal branding success is defining yourself instead of letting others define you. Therefore, create an image, an image that is likeable, relatable, informative and human. It’s okay to be candid about your flaws and vulnerabilities, but it’s vitally important to remember there is only one of you, so highlight and flaunt all of your USP’s.

Happy Branding! 




Author: Sharmista Deb
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5 Of The Best Questions Interviewers Love To Ask At An Interview

Candidate Toolkit Interview Tips

There seems to be so much focus on the questions a candidate should ask an interviewer at an interview that I thought I’d turn the tables and share some of the interview questions I like to ask people when they interview with me:

1. “Tell me about a big project which had a major impact on you.”
This is your opportunity to communicate a story to me.  Are you able to articulate what the project was all about, or do you hit me with a bunch of jargon?  What role did you play in the project?  Did the project have a negative or positive impact on you, your team, the company etc.  Were you helping to influence and make change?  Being able to articulate clearly and concisely during an interview and in professional life is important.  Knowing what details to include or exclude says a lot about you.  Just know that if you give me a solid 20 minute monologue, I’m likely to glaze over before determining that your ability to verbally present an executive summary is weak.

2. “If you could work again on an identical project, what would you do differently?”
This should be an easy one, right?  If you always have an eye on continuous improvement, this is your chance to describe how you can reflect on your work and the work of others and make suggestions for delivering better or differently next time.  Be careful with your response though.  Saying “I could communicate better” is likely to lead me to ask “what do you mean by that?”  Saying you wouldn’t do anything differently suggests perfection, and very few projects and situations run perfectly with zero learning points.  This is your chance to be analytical and humble – make sure you take it.

3. “How have you developed yourself in the last 12 months?”
I always want to hire smart people who take responsibility for driving their own success, rather than sitting back and waiting for someone to positively impact them.  People either light up at this question, eager to share the details of their development plan or you can see a look of “oh no” in their eyes as they give a weak overview of a networking lunch they recently attended.

4. “How do you deal with frustrations in your role, so they don’t negatively impact your work and results?”
Everyone gets frustrated at work from time to time – being frustrated makes us human!  How you navigate these challenges and hurdles speaks to the kind of person you are.  You might be someone who shies away from confrontation, or you might be someone who attacks it head on.  I’m trying to understand what frustrates you and evaluate if that’s a deal-breaker for the role you’re interviewing for.  I’m trying to understand how you might collaborate to solve issues.  I’m trying to gauge your resilience and tolerance.  When it comes down to it, we face issues every day that need to be solved – how you approach these issues can be just as important as how you solve for them.

5. “What’s important to you in your next role?”
Recruitment is all about making a good match and making sure that hiring managers and candidates are happy they got a good deal.  This gives you a chance to let me know what’s critical to you and it allows me to circle back with the hiring manager to ensure we can meet your expectations if you’re the person we want to hire.

For me there are no right or wrong answers during an interview.  This is a chance for you to know more about the role, the Company and the people you will be working with and form opinions of those.  Equally it’s my opportunity as the interviewer to try and match you to a role that will make you both successful and happy.  Good luck!




JulieMcdowellAuthor: Julie McDowell
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5 Tips for Surviving Your Next Internship (Playlist included)!

I had an interesting conversation the other day with a family member who is a soon-to-be university graduate, looking for that “perfect internship.” “How did you get your start?” they asked…

…after a long pause, deep sigh and then an ‘ah hah’ moment, I had my response – I was a DJ at my university and my playlist helped me land my first two internships! Then, I proceeded to laugh out loud. I giggled because my time interning, as I’m sure many others have experienced, had me working on various projects and tasks, that were both challenging and fun, but I had NO idea where it would take me.

Thinking back on that time – I have to admit, it was pretty intense. Balancing classes, figuring out the next step in life, and sorting out what I wanted to do all seemed to be like a lot. However, in hindsight, my radio DJ gig helped me in more ways then just getting together with my friends to play the music that we liked. I knew I wanted to share my passion for promotion and marketing, and on the plus side I LOVED music. So, I created a playlist of my favourite songs of the year and sent it out as part of my resume for internships in the NY Tri-State area. I ended up landing two at the same time (which made for an interesting commute, not to mention, an interesting time balancing my school work). Working those two internships at ABC Radio and Universal Music Group in NYC was the best thing that could have prepared me for always being on my toes, being open to new opportunities, having flexibility, and most of all, adventure and positivity.

Me circa 2004 at my Universal Music Group Internship
Me circa 2004 at my Universal Music Group Internship
Me circa 2004 at my ABC Radio internship!
Me circa 2004 at my ABC Radio internship!


My 5 tips for surviving your next internship?

  • Stay Focused – You’re going to have a lot thrown at you at once. It can be overwhelming. But remember to focus on the goal, utilise your other team members and remember – your focus is what could land you that permanent role.
  • Be Flexible – I know its not an easy thing to balance commuting, homework, finals, etc. but be open and flexible to the work you’ll be doing at your next internship. Sure, there may be a few “grunt” tasks ahead of you (I can tell you that I am the best T-shirt folder in the northeast!), but they’ll be some amazing opportunities for you to showcase your skills and shine.
  • Ask Questions – Having an internship is an opportunity for you to learn, so take the opportunity and ask as many questions as possible. Try not to be too overzealous and remember to know your audience, but its my belief that there are no bad questions.
  • Network, Network, Network – You will probably be working long hours alongside fellow interns, so make friends, trade ideas, and stay connected. You never know who can be a great resource for you in your future career. Also, finding a mentor can be extremely beneficial in helping you to continue your career progression as you grow within your internship.
  • Stay Positive – Sometimes internships can be intense, but staying positive, focused and ready to get the job done can be the key to landing your future job and growing your career.

My path was not a very traditional one, but it was one that I would not trade for the world as it allowed me to make new friends and mentors, have amazing life experiences, and also lead me to my passion. My days as a “Rocksteady Girls” DJ at Quinninipiac University in Connecticut helped me to format my career path and plan. But little did I know the peaks and valleys I would travel.  Today I am the Head of Marketing for our Talent Acquisition efforts for our International regions (EMEA, APAC, and India). Who knew my passion for music and marketing would lead me to my dream job in Talent Acquisition Marketing at CA Technologies.

If you would like to learn more about internship opportunities at CA Technologies check out our Intern & Associates page and stay connected with us by joining our Talent Community.

In case you’re interested – here is my short playlist (use when you’re prepping for finals, or getting through your commute to your next internship!).

  • Ordinary People – John Legend
  • You Don’t Know My Name – Alicia Keys
  • Brightside – The Killers
  • It’s My Life – No Doubt
  • Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
  • Yea! – Usher featuring Lil’ Jon
  • Milkshake – Kelis
  • Hey Ya! – OutKast
  • Lean Back – Terror Squad
  • Dirt Off Your Shoulders – Jay-Z

Kristin Shulman

Kristin Shulman is the Head of Marketing for International (EMEA, APJ and India) at CA Technologies.  She’s also a passionate #workingmom with a love for travelling and is an expat living abroad in the UK continuing her work with the fantastic #lifeatca team. Find her on Twitter @krisd and Instagram @kjdshulmam.




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Top 10 Reasons to Join CA Technologies in Prague

CA’s Prague Technology Center is celebrating 10 years in the market, and with a fast growing reputation in the Czech Republic’s Technology space, we’ve broken down the top 10 reasons to join CA Technologies in Prague.

1. We Have Global Reach

From an EMEA perspective Prague has been a hub for innovation and opened several EMEA solution centres including Finance, Inside Sales, Presales and Services. Prague plays a huge role within the business infrastructure across EMEA and the rest of the world. Our Technology Center is a Mainframe Centre of Excellence, taking part in CA’s worldwide mainframe development and the Prague office now provides solutions to over 35 clients across the globe.

2. At CA We Rewrite Tomorrow – Join Us For A Bright Future

Since 2010, the office has nearly doubled in headcount with nearly 500 employees. With such a young, forward thinking team amongst some experienced professionals, it’s evident that we are building for a bright future in Prague and see this as one of the many innovation hubs we have across EMEA. The App Economy is an exciting space within the Software Industry and the potential for growth is endless with companies across the world developing into Technology Businesses.

3. Great Location in Prague

Just 12km south of the city centre, CA Technologies Prague Technology Center is housed in fantastic offices. You can either drive to the offices from the city centre, which takes around 20mins. Alternatively you can travel by train, with the offices just 600m away from Chodov train station.

4. CA Benefits

Globally, CA offers a very competitive benefits package. With a mix of voluntary days, sport and shopping vouchers to health initiatives like life insurance, wellness and medical care programs. We also offer onsite meal vouchers, free beverages and free parking. Employees are allowed 5 weeks’ vacation per annum and we do offer both Career Service and Above & Beyond awards for outstanding achievement.

5. Career flexibility

We support all employees with career flexibility to insure everyone is both fulfilling their potential and adding value to the business. We’ve had several cases employees moving from department to department. We also have fantastic work life balance initiatives at CA.

6. Opportunities to Progress

In the last two years we’ve had over 100 promotions in Prague (that’s 1 in 5 based on the current number of employees). Personal development is important to many of our employees and we do the upmost to support them with training and development plans to ensure they have everything they need to progress within the organisation.

CA Technologies Prague Digital Sales Team

7. Our Diverse Workforce Lead at All Levels

With an average age of 34.01, our workforce is not only diverse in terms of its correlation between age and seniority, we also are very proud of our workforces various nationalities. We have 43% of non-Czech citizens and around 40 different nationalities all in one offices. This is vital ingredient to the success we have as part of a global organisation supplying industry leading services and products to our worldwide customer base.

Photo (right): The Digital Sales Team at CA Technologies Prague

8. We Support the Next Generation

Inspiring the next generation into technology is something we value CA Technologies. We’re regularly attending career and job fairs at Universities in the Czech Republic, as well as partnering with several Universities on mainframe curriculum and internships. We’ve taken part in multiple events such as Coding Week as well as run coding sessions with teenagers over the last 12 months.

9. We Value our Community and Love Volunteering

We value the local community around us, regardless of where our offices are located across the world we always insure we support local people, communities and charities around us. In Prague we’ve helped a number of local schools, organisations and children including: a Children’s Home in Pysely; the Holeckova School for hearing impaired; a non-profit organization Vyssi Hradek; and the Toulcuv Dvur association of ecological educational activities.

10. Happy Birthday to Us!

This year has seen us celebrate 10 years at the Technology Center in Prague. It’s fantastic to see the progress of CA Technologies Prague and to see its growing impact on our global business.



stuart-hazellAuthor: Stuart Hazell
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Hello Again Boomerang – Meet Isabel Botha, former CA Employee Alumni Returning to Rewrite Career

Boomerang: Australian throwing club, childhood toy, and…former employees? Yes. Strategic re-hiring is becoming an important part of many companies’ talent practice.

Boomerang hires play an incredible role in organisations today showcasing the organisation as an awesome place to work, and, not to mention…they are FANTASTIC brand ambassadors. At CA we LOVE our employee alumni, having recently launched a new alumni program where past employees can stay connected. But, what we love even more – when those very talented alums decide to return to CA. Whether for the benefits, our position on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, or the amazing ways that CA is Rewriting the Application Economy, we are seeing a surge in former employees saying ‘Hello Again.’

I recently had the pleasure to visit our Sydney office and caught up with Isabel Botha, a former colleague who helped us to tell the CA Story when we were launching our new career website. I was excited to learn that she was also a recent “boomerang” who decided to return to CA after some time away.

How did you first join CA?

“I migrated to Australia in 2005. After predominantly practising construction law in South Africa, Botswana and the UK, I wanted to join the IT industry and opted to take on an in-house counsel role at CA in June 2007. It was a great time to join CA as a lawyer, as the industry was changing as was CA’s culture and CA was committed to best-in-class controls and compliance. There was a renewed sense of vigour, enthusiasm and dedication to becoming one of the world’s most successful software companies.”

Why did you choose to come back to CA?

“After 7 years at CA as legal counsel I was offered a role as Corporate Counsel for Australia and New Zealand at a leading global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions. I was heartbroken to leave CA but at the time it felt like the right thing to do. On paper it was the perfect job, I was well paid and at a convenient location. But something was missing … camaraderie. I missed the passion, I missed the rollercoaster ride, I missed feeling a part of something, I missed CA.

A role in the Customer Portfolio team had just become available. I didn’t hesitate, I jumped. And as they say, the rest is history.

I love my new role and I love being back at CA. I don’t know what the future holds but I know I will remain a member of the CA family.”

As a working mum, how has CA played a role in balancing work/life?

“I’m fortunate to be mum to Kira (4.5yrs) and Tahlia (2.5yrs). As a migrant I don’t have any family support here in Australia and my in-laws are interstate so I can honestly say that CA has played a central role in me being a working mum.

Kira has been in CA’s Montessori Childcare Centre since her first birthday and Tahlia since she was six months old. It is quite surreal knowing that they are just a few floors below me so it is great to be able to pop down to read a story during book week or to take a photo with Santa or a fire truck, and of course if they fall sick I’m right here to pick them up.

I do have a demanding role, especially at quarter end, which I need to balance with my home life. At CA I am respected as a professional and am trusted to complete my tasks and achieve my goals at times that are opportune.

The culture at CA is, bar none, we help each other out and understand the challenges that we all face. Not all of us are parents, but we all have conflicting interests that we need to balance with our work life.”

What really makes CA stand out in the marketplace?

“In my mind CA is not a company, CA is a living, breathing organism. It is kind and can be intense, but most of all it is a fighter. When you look at the ‘top places to work’ they focus on benefits. CA offers great benefits too but in my opinion, CA’s culture and the commitment of CA’s Executive Team to make CA a truly remarkable software company is what makes CA stand out in the marketplace.”

Our very own Craig Fisher recently blogged about the courtship of boomerangs and the #NewWayToWork. As the marketplace evolves, our alumni, current employees, and future candidates are also evolving. At CA we are constantly evolving the way we attract talent and stay connected to future candidates. Isabel sums it up best; CA is a ‘living breathing organism,’ always evolving and positioned to Rewrite the future.

Welcome back!

Honoring Our Service Men and Women on Veterans Day

CA Technologies is proud of the technology we create, undeniably, however we are even more proud of the faces behind the technology. In light of Veterans Day in North America, we wanted to highlight a few of our Vet employees who have not only helped to make CA a leader in the thriving application economy, but who have also helped to keep us safe and free.

James Kokoszynski, known to his colleagues as Jim or “Koko,” is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marines.  Jim graduated from Tulane University, which he attended with a Navy ROTC Scholarship, and graduated with a Math and Economics Degree. As a  Marine, Jim’s primary responsibility is to take care of his team, and that’s also his number one priority today as the Vice President of Mainframe Software Engineering at CA.

CA recently received the 2016 Military Friendly® Employer and Military Spouse Friendly Employer® designation by Victory Media, publisher of G.I. Jobs® and Military Spouse for the strength of our company wide military recruiting efforts, percentage of new hires with prior military service, retention programs for veterans, and company policies on National Guard and Reserve service. When I let Jim know that CA was named one of the most “Vet friendly companies,” he wasn’t surprised.

“I enjoy working here [CA Technologies] because of the flexibility. The Marine Corps is really small and you have a lot of latitude. I feel the same way at CA because I’m leading my people in the same way. There is no micromanaging. I want my team to have flexibility.  I feel CA really encourages a situational awareness environment. I don’t know everything, just because I’m a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps doesn’t mean I know everything. There’s no way I know more than my architect who has 40 years in mainframe. I never will. I’ll just remove the roadblocks because that’s what leaders do.”

Much like the Marine Corps, CA Technologies has a lot of diversity and culture. According to Jim, veterans are used to working in a diverse environment, and are comfortable with working with all walks of life, which is why CA is such a great place to work for veterans.

“We are accustomed to things not being in our job description because things change constantly in the military, as they do in the corporate world. Things are fluid and dynamic, especially as a people manager. Both the military and technology are fast paced, dynamic, and ever changing.”

He compares the military to technology in the sense that what is going to happen globally in 6 months is no different than what the tech industry has the potential to be like in 6 months. Will there be a new Google, a new iPhone, a new Uber, a new Cloud? Veterans are attracted to change, and according to Jim, “CA walks the talk.”

Dan Kolenda is the Vice President and Managing Assistant General Counsel for CA, leading the North American legal team which supports sales and services, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves.

After graduating college, Kolenda worked in the corporate world for 5 years, went to law school, and then applied for a position in Army JAG Corps in 1999. He has served as a military lawyer ever since. He attends training one weekend every month, as well as a 2 week training once a year in which he assists in the training of foreign militaries on rules of engagement and the international law of war.

“CA was incredibly supportive. When I was activated to leave for 9 months in Iraq, I had to turn in my laptop and my badge, and not only are you leaving your family at home, but also your friends and colleagues at work which was very difficult.   But everyone from my manager and co-workers were really supportive of me and my family when I was gone. I received care packages from different departments, and my department signed a CA flag with some well wishes on it which I brought to Iraq. When I got back they were incredibly welcoming to me. There was a welcome sign in the lobby my first day back with balloons. My position was held for me, my office was how I left it. I got my laptop back and my badge. I resumed my duties. I picked right up where I left off. My workload was shared across the department, everyone stepped up while I was gone. The entire company has been very supportive.”

According to Dan, CA supports the veteran community by giving back. We have partnered with the Scott Rigsby Foundation to help sponsor a family weekend for the families of wounded warriors, and for the last 10 years our sales organization in the Northeast has sponsored a golf tournament with customers, partners, and CA employees for Adopt-a-platoon, which delivers care packages to troops overseas. “The fact that CA is so supportive of our military and our veterans, makes me proud to be an employee here. And it’s clearly one of the reasons why I love being here and plan to stay,” he says.

Tom Boyd has been a valued employee of CA for the last 17 years, and is currently a Principal Quality Assurance Engineer for one of our Mainframe Automation products, overseeing its general health and welfare. During his time in the military, he served as a Second Class Boatswain Mate for the United States Navy for 4 years and after his tour completed, he received his Associates Degree in Computer Science, which was a relatively new field in the 1980s. He began his career in mainframe, and found himself recruited by a former CA employee 10 years later. He believes “CA is developing a culture starting with good core leadership with relevant goals and values, as well as a solid infrastructure in world class products and middle management team. Along with the innovative staff, whether it’s Research and Development, or other company employees or troops that believe in the mission or products, all of which can make any company or form of Military apparatus thrive or succeed.”

The veterans at CA Technologies started an internal Veterans Diversity group in 2014, which consists of about 50 or so veterans globally, and which Jim is humbled to lead. “It’s more of an awareness.” he says. “It’s a small community within CA which provides relevant information. We use it as a source to share benefits information, upcoming events, etc. When we first kicked it off, I put up my OCS (Officer Candidate School) picture and where I served, and everyone else starting doing it too. There’s recognition and mutual respect. The recognition speaks volumes. It’s been nice for all of us. I’m not at every office to get to know everyone, but it brings us all together.”

MFECA Technologies has been named a
2016 Military Friendly® Employer!


Recently CA Technologies partnered with the American Red Cross and the VA Hospital of New York City on the Lower East side of Manhattan to host a Job Search Tips and Tricks workshop for local veterans. I had the pleasure of participating in this event and it really was a truly humbling experience. Through this two day workshop, my colleagues and I were able to build relationships with the men and women who served our country, hear each of their stories, and assist them in working towards the next steps in their professional career.

“Not all employers do what CA does,” says Kolenda. “It shows our support and recognition for those who have made this country what it is. Hopefully it encourages others to be like CA. It’s welcoming to see that CA appreciates and seeks out those who have those military experiences and those unique skillsets.”

Happy Veterans Day to our honored service men and women.



Andrea Dooley
CA Technologies

Don’t be scared this Halloween. 6 Interview tips to calm your nerves.

Don’t let a job interview freak you out this Halloween. Before you scare yourself to death, it’s natural to be a little nervous before a job interview. Just remember that you are half way there for getting the interview in the first place. Remain calm, empower yourself and be positive. With these 6 easy tips you will be absolutely fine!

1. Know your CV/Resume
Just for a second, imagine you are a shop owner. Now think of your CV as the shop window to your own high street shop. The customer (the interviewer) likes the look of your shop window (your CV) and has chosen to see what’s inside your shop (this is your invitation to the interview stage). The customer (the interviewer) wants to come into your shop to have a discussion about what products you have (they want to find out where you can add value to their company). You’d need to be confident about what you are selling to get the customer to buy one of your products right? This is why it’s vital you have a thorough understanding of your own experiences, skills, employment history and qualifications.
Here’s a checklist of what you’ll need to remember:
a) What qualifications you’ve achieved
b) The order of your employment history
c) Job titles, role descriptions and achievements
d) The skills, expertise and experience you have that will be suitable for this new role

2. Research the role & the company
We all know happens to those houses who don’t stock up with sweets for trick or treaters at Halloween. They get egged! Being asked what the company does and why you’re suitable for the role is as guaranteed as hearing the words “trick or treat” this Halloween. Be prepared or you’ll end up with egg on your face. The worst thing you can do is not know anything about the company or the role.
Don’t panic, many times hiring managers won’t expect you to know everything about the company, but spend some time on their website and find out about:
a) The company’s services or products
b) The company’s history
c) The company’s culture
d) Their competitors
e) Latest corporate news/blogs
f) Relevant information on the department or team you may be working
Read the job description and prepare to answer the following:
a) Why this role suits you?
b) How you can meet their expectations?
c) What made you apply for the role?
d) What experience, skills and expertise you have?
e) Where can you add value to their organisation?
BONUS TIP: Jot all of this research down and take your notes into the interview so you can refer. Honestly, you will gain respect right away if you know about the company and the specific details of the role you’ve applied for and you’ll feel a lot more confident walking into your interview.

3. Research the interview team
Any good hiring manager will have done their research on you so repay them the favour. Knowing who is interviewing you will calm those pre-interview nerves. Think of your interviewer as a first date. You don’t know anything about your date just yet but knowing a little bit about them will definitely help with those ice breakers!
Check them out on LinkedIn:
a) How long they’ve been at the company
b) Their background
c) What they do in their current position
The interviewer will ask you if you have any questions for them, so be prepared, ready and armed with your own questions. The research you complete from Tip 2 will also help when writing these questions.
QUESTION EXAMPLE: “I see you’ve worked for a number of competitors in the past, what made you join this company 10 years ago, and what’s also made you stay here for such a long time?”

4. Relax
Whether you have kids or not, Halloween can be a very hectic time. People overload on sugar, throw wild fancy dress parties and generally get a little over excited. Skip those parties, hide the sweets and candy and get a good night’s sleep the day before an interview. Some people relax through exercise. Some put their feet up and listen to their favourite playlist on Spotify or watch a film on Netflix. You would have done all the preparation before the interview so do try to relax the night before an interview.

5. Remember your checklist
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Before you pack for the interview, spend time researching and preparing for your interview especially if you have tasks such as presentations to complete. On the day, try to arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview time. Arriving late will only increase stress and make you nervous so allow time when travelling to your interview as traffic and delays can hinder your commute. Remember you can always grab a drink in the nearest coffee shop before your interview to kill time.
The checklist of things to take to your interview on the day is:
a) Copies of your CV
b) Interview notes including your questions
c) A bag with the above including copies of your qualifications and a notepad & pen to jot down notes throughout the interview
d) If you’re required to present or take in a portfolio, insure you have backups either online or on a USB/portable hard drive
e) A plan of how you will get to your interview, reviewing traffic reports or public transport updates
f) A positive attitude, throw all those bad energies away – this is your opportunity to show what you are all about. Be yourself.

6. Get your costume ready
Interviews are just like Halloween parties, you have to look the part. Remember to dress to impress. If you walk into the interview feeling well dressed it makes you feel better about yourself and you will naturally perform better. Do make sure you look clean and presentable, it goes a very long way.

Event: Job Interview
Location: Company HQ
Dress code: Gentleman – Smart business attire, suits advisable, shirt and tie acceptable.
Ladies – Smart business attire, suits advisable, office trousers or skirt acceptable.


stuart-hazellAuthor: Stuart Hazell
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